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A Sci-Fi story about aliens looking for a new home. It is a Writing project for school.
David Lebron 711 IWP: The Flight Of The Exlesor

Balderra stormed into the bridge, his face purple and flustered. His whiskers twitched and his tentacles fidgeted while he coldly spoke. “ Fourteen have died, we’re running out of food and water, and your crew believes the rocky planet that may or may not contain water is further than we thought, if it exists at all.” He reported while pacing across the glass floor. “ What kind of plan was this, abandon our home planet after hostiles invade, why not fight and perish with glory, not in a tungsten triangle in the center of an unknown region of space.” Grenkut kept his eyes cemented to the distant star ahead as he managed the helm while he answered. “ We had no choice unless you willed to be obliterated by there advanced range of weaponry, you know we had nothing up to their standards of destruction yet you still argue to no avail and won’t accept their prevail. This planet is near, my radars alert me that this solar system is where we’ll find the planet.” He reasoned. “ That's what you said last time with the icy dwarf in the Nebula galaxy, but I’m curious to see what’ll show up this time.” Balderra responded. A large golden planet with beautiful large coffee colored rings surrounding it. “ Magnificent.” Grenkut breathed.

Ten minutes later a larger reddish-tan striped planet with three distinct rings and a large red blot near the bottom passed by. Suddenly, a loud monotonous beeping erupted from the flashing red emergency light overhead, casting red shadows in spinning circles around the room. Grenkut pounced on the holo-screens frantically trying to find the source of the issue. The words “METEOR THREAT AHEAD” were emblazoned in large red letters on the holo-screen. He looked forward and didn’t notice the field of floating rocks until one flew by the window. Grenkut tried not to panic and announced over the intercom, “ We will be facing some turbulence ahead, please keep calm.” He firmly gripped the steering handle and swerved to avoid the meteors in front of the ship. It became a repeating pattern of right, left, up, down, until the meteor belt was far behind him, and a red planet with ice caps loomed closely. His map was showing the rocky planet, but claimed to detect three more behind it. Was this the right planet? It didn’t seem to show any clear signs of water besides the ice caps.

It was definitely what he had been looking for. Isolated green masses were lost in a huge mass of blue, this was the planet. “ We will begin our descent our new home.” He announced. Cheering was heard throughout the ship. The year and two month journey had been apparently worth it. As they approached the planet he noticed a blue hue surrounding the planet, meaning a different atmospheric composition, so the air may be hostile. He wondered if there were any inhabitants, but it was not likely any lifeforms existed in this part of the universe. His view burned orange as he entered the atmosphere and he sped towards the surface. Grenkut attempted to straighten the ships
David Lebron 711

descent but the ship was caught and was uncontrollable at this speed. He was pushed against his seat as the ship picked up speed at an alarming rate. “ Prepare for crash landing.” Was muffled over the speaker. Screams came from the ship. The gray blur below him grew up rapidly to meet the doomed ship.

“ An unidentified flying object has blown through the Metlife building and leveled part of Greenwich village, we believe it to be the work of terrorists and advise all to stay indoors. We estimate the death toll to be around 500, but possibly more.” Declared the news reporter. The TV was partly shattered and lying on its side in a heap of rubble but still functional. Behind it lay the steaming remains of the Exlesor, a large tall triangular gray ship with rectangular engines on the back the size of four story buildings. The entire ship was as wide as a football field and dotted with square windows, it was also half buried in rubble. A mob of reporters surrounded it flashing cameras and reporters flocked the area. Police cars were plentiful and police tape surrounded the scene. A helicopter buzzed from above. The public saw this as a terrorist attack, but were unable to decipher what the ship was. Behind the ship a flaming Metlife building stood and a trail of flames and twisted metal stretched out from where it slid.

Grenkut pulled himself up and saw a line of light above the door window. The front and bottom windows showed nothing. He realized he was partly underground. He tried pushing on the door, but it wouldn’t budge. He had to find something. He stepped back and ran forward with all his strength. The door moved a little. He kept tackling it until it opened enough for him to shield his eyes from the blinding light. He heard voices outside but in an alien language. He squeezed through the doors and shouting arose from a very strange set of organisms in front of him. They had tan skin that covered part of their body, and a loose outer skin with various colors and sizes over their torso and legs. The top of their head was furry and the had strange feet with different designs also. Grenkut shrieked and they mimicked him. One had a type of weapon and shot the door behind him barely missing his horn. The crowd of aliens surrounded him and started rapidly speaking loudly.

Meanwhile inside the ship the rest of the crew stirred and tried to locate an escape path. Grenkut classified these aliens as harmful, as they screamed and some took out weapons. Grenkut ran through the mob and through the streets. They chased him through the path of flattened apartment buildings and raging fires. Grenkut was faster than the humans since his amphibian-like body sucked in air much faster and without effort. His legs were built for speed with huge muscles and claws. He kept balance with his three tails. He had lost the hostiles quickly, but he kept going. Small ships with large spinning rotors hovered above him. It started to lower and Grenkut ran faster. The ships were faster and started shooting at him. He couldn't keep running forever. Ahead more hostiles yelled and ran in terror. The buildings here were intact. The helicopters were almost touching the ground, shooting but missing and firing at the buildings ahead. Grenkut skidded to a halt. A vast river of water was ahead. If Grenkut swam he would get shot down by the helicopters. The helicopters were three feet behind him now, and as they were about to shred Grenkut to bits he jumped aside, and leaped inside the open hatch. He pushed the screaming driver out the other side and handled the chopper. Its controls were very similar to the Exlesors. Bullet shots bouncing off of the back of the help brought him back to reality. He had two choppers on his tail, both shooting at him relentlessly. He spun his copter around and shot one of the drivers in the face and the helicopter swerved out of control. The other driver managed to shoot Grenkut's shoulder as it was tackled by the out of control helicopter that brought it down, creating a loud fiery explosion. Grenkut had nothing to worry about now, he assumed his crew was dead, and is now going to get as far away from this city as possible. Fires had erupted in the back when the ship crashed and the highly flammable engine oil lay in bottles near. He never thought this planet would actually be home to intelligent life. A city of complex architecture stood as a backdrop. The fires inside the ship spread rapidly, melted the gas bottle, and ignited. The explosion started in the back and spread through until it had engulfed everything in a half mile radius...

David Lebron 711


Scientists have come to a conclusion that it wads not in fact a terrorist attack but instead a freak incident with a falling satellite that fell through the atmosphere and crashed in New York. It exploded when fuel ignited with the electricity after it crashed. The public later came to accept this, and after some rebuilding and a couple of years life went back to normal. Scientists knew this wasn’t what had actually happened they needed a story the public would believe to cover up the advent of aliens. Nobody knows what happened to Grenkut and he was never seen again, although a mysterious disappearance of farmers in upstate New York felt suspicious. They have removed the burned remains of the site for further examination in area 51. Some superstitious people have figured out what actually happened but no one believes in them. It is a government secret only.
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