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by Tony C
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1828224
Monica is again punished by her mother in a humiliating way, this time on Black Friday.
This story takes place after the events of my interactive story “Horrible Punishment,” which can be found here:



“Don’t do this to me, mom. Please. Especially today,” said Monica.

“You brought this on yourself,” said Mary.

A few days earlier, Monica had borrowed earrings and a white dress from her mother, without asking her, to go on a date. That ended with her losing one of the earrings and getting a huge drink stain on the dress. When she got back home, Mary was waiting at the door. Now she was in the car with her mother, who was taking her shopping on Black Friday.

Mary got to a mall and parked in the parking lot. She was about to get out, when Monica stopped her.

“You can’t do this,” said Monica.

“Really? I can’t?,” said Mary. Monica immediately regretted saying that, especially after everything she had went through at school because of another punishment from her mother.

“It’s Black Friday. I want to shop too.”

“I’m not stopping you from shopping. You’ve got your purse. You’ve got your money. You can come out of the car anytime you want.”

“Not like this.”

“It wouldn’t be the worst thing you’ve done.”

On the night of her date, Mary sent Monica to her room when she got home. Monica spent the next few days fearing what her mother was going to do. She thought for sure she would do something to humiliate her on Thanksgiving in front of their family, but nothing happened. Then the next day, this day, came. Monica woke up in her bed that morning and her mother was in the room. “So this is what’s going to happen today,” said Mary. As a result, Monica was now sitting in her mother’s car, naked.

Mary had already made Monica pay to have the dress dry cleaned. She was more upset about the earrings, which were more expensive and was a gift from her sister. She only had one of them now, and she didn’t want to wear just one. She knew how much Monica had been looking forward to Black Friday, so she came up with an idea. She had lost one of a pair of the earrings she loved, so she’d make her daughter do something she loved… without her clothes.

“Don’t leave me here like this,” said Monica.

“I’m not. Being here is your choice,” said Mary. Then she left.

Monica was left alone in the car, naked, in the mall parking lot, in the daytime. She couldn’t leave the car and risk being seen. With the exception of her small purse, there was nothing in the car she could cover herself with. All she could do was wait for her mother to return, and she knew Mary would take extra long just to torment her. She folded her arms over her breasts and crossed her legs. She spent the next two hours looking out for anyone walking or driving by, constantly having to duck down so no one would see her. And because it was Black Friday, there were a lot of people to look out for. As far as she knew, no one had seen her. She contemplated running into the nearest clothing store, grabbing the closest clothing she could find by the door, putting it on and paying for it, but she knew she’d probably be kicked out of the store or arrested. Mary would take pleasure in either outcome. She also realized she needed to go to the bathroom.


When Mary returned, she had several bags filled with clothes, shoes, and jewelry, things that Monica would buy if she had been able to. Mary put them all in the trunk and then she got in the car. “You really should have come with me,” she said.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” said Monica.

“So get out of the car and go.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Then just go between my car and the one next to us.”

“Someone might see me.”

“Then you’ll have to wait until we get back home.” Mary started the car.

“Are we going back now?” Monica was excited at the thought that this would soon be over.

“No. There’s still some other places I want to shop at.”


No one said anything again until they reached the next destination… another mall. Mary parked in another parking lot.

“Can I borrow some of the clothes you bought so I can go use a bathroom? I’ll take them off as soon as I get back.,” said Monica.

“So now you ask permission. The answer is no,” said Mary.

“But I have to go.”

“That’s your problem.” Mary got out of the car. “Just so you know, if you end up peeing in the car, you’ll have to pay for that too.” Then she left.

With no other choice, Monica opened her door and left it open to cover her front. Then she stepped out of the car, crouched down, spread her legs a bit, and started peeing on the ground. She held the door with both hands for support. She had been so desperate to pee and felt better now that she was finally doing it, that she failed to notice that two guys were behind her, standing a few feet away.

“Oh shit!,” said one of the guys. That alerted Monica. She turned her head and saw them.

“Oh shit!,” said Monica. She finished peeing and wiped herself with a tissue from her purse. Then she tossed it and got back in the car. Now more embarrassed than she had been all day, she held her head down and hoped that the guys had left.


Monica only had to wait about an hour for Mary to return this time, with more bags. “Did you pee?,” said Mary.

“Yes,” said Monica.

“Good. Here. I got you a large Pepsi.” Monica hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since breakfast, so she was grateful for the drink.


The next destination was a longer drive than the other places. It took about 40 minutes to get there. Monica had finished her drink during that time. Mary went to another store, which also had a parking lot. Monica hoped that this would be the last trip.

She did the same thing she had done before, watching for anyone passing by. After doing this for a while, she saw two familiar faces walking in the direction of the car. She had hoped to not see anyone she knew, especially people from school, so that this day would still be better than what she had gone through there, but that was not to be. She saw two girls that hated her, Betty and Jennifer, who had just shopped at the same store her mother was in. Monica ducked down so they wouldn’t see her, but she wasn’t sure she did it quick enough. She soon found out when she heard a tap on the window. She looked up and saw them both.

“Monica? I knew it was you. I recognized your mother’s car,” said Betty.

She and Jennifer started laughing. They weren’t even surprised that Monica was naked. They just assumed her mother was punishing her again.

“Did you fail another class?,” said Jennifer. Monica didn’t respond.

“Let’s take some pictures,” said Betty. They both took out their camera phones. Betty stayed on the passenger side, while Jennifer went over to the driver side. Then they started taking pictures. Monica was stranded in the car. She couldn’t get out and run away because that would be worse for her. All she could do was cover herself with her hands and her purse.

Once they felt that they had had enough fun, they left, but not before Jennifer said, “See you in school, Monica,” and Betty said, “And by see, she means everyone will see these pictures.”

This was even worse than getting caught naked and peeing by two strangers.


Mary eventually returned and she told Monica, “ I have to make another stop.”

“I’m not surprised,” thought Monica.

Mary went to a strip mall. She parked right in front of it, so Monica was more exposed.

“Could you park somewhere else, please,” said Monica.

“No,” said Mary, and she left again.

Monica looked back on the events of the day and she wondered what else would happen to her. Would Jasmine show up too? Or Stephanie? Neither of them did, but she realized she had to go to the bathroom again. Twenty minutes later, her need to go became worse. Because of where the car was parked, there was no way she could get out and pee again without being seen by numerous people.

When Mary returned a few minutes later with more bags, Monica started to beg. “Please, mom. I have to go to the bathroom. I’m sorry for what I did. I’ve spent most of the day in this car. People have seen me and taken pictures. I really need to go. Punish me some other way if you want, but let me borrow some clothes, any clothes, for just a few minutes so I can get to a bathroom.”

Mary thought about it for a second. “You meant all of that?”

“Yes,” although Monica regretted some parts of it.

Mary was in a good mood from all the shopping. “Okay then. It just so happens I bought you some things in this store. Try not to stain them.” She showed them to Monica and her daughter’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor. She almost considered going in naked instead.

Monica went into the store wearing an ugly nightgown and fuzzy slippers. She asked one of the employees where the bathroom was. She kept herself from laughing long enough to tell her where it was.


A few minutes later, Monica returned to the car and gave back the clothes to her mother. They went home and Monica was allowed to put clothes on. She hoped she’d get to shop at next year’s Black Friday.
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