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Nano- writer, maybe one-day.
    NANO – 2011

                                        The Year of the Flop

As every serious Nano-writer knows, the New Year begins on December 1st.

That is the date, when a Nano'er sits back, sighs a sigh of frustration or relief, depending on what the final result was of the previous year.

Already the mind is geared to the future, new plans are made, lessons taken and applied, and a bright new future dawns.

Nano-2012, here we come.

Other parts of the world starts their New Year on different dates.
For the Bahai'i, Christian, Chinese, and Islamic, the new year starts on different dates. They cannot even agree on that, they fight amongst themselves, and with every one else, and all because of a silly date.

The Nano family agrees, November 1st. is the day. Nano'ers all agree to disagree on everything else, only, the date is firm. The end result may differ, excuses will be the order of the day, anything goes, for Nano-month is November month.

The aim is to get a target. This target may differ from person to person. The methods used vary as much as does the reasons for success. If the target is 50 000 words (50K in Nano) the daily average aim is 1666,6* words. The size of the words are of no consequence, that is what is told.

After the 2010, I set the idea of 2011 on ice (procrastinated) till a good subject could be found to get my teeth into.

Then life took over.

2010 offered the incidence which turned into the 'The Sale', largely based on a true incidence which is still almost as much a mystery as my monthly income. I know I get a monthly income, where it goes to, what happens to it, I have no idea.

A new car was bought at a new dealer, and the sale went as sales should. Smooth, easy, pleasant, as a sale should be.

The rains came, and made it another bumper year of performance. Dams were overfilled, roads impassable,  general mayhem, and for a moment even the farmers smiled, till they started harvesting, that was the end of many smiles. The fields were flooded. Tractors pulled tractors out that were stuck. Harvesters were getting stuck, some fields were left as they were. Still, a good harvest was had.

The cows had a good year as well, the new bull was doing his bit and new calves were delivered by the stork frequently. The stock losses were low, and the diseases somehow did not like the wet weather.
The owner, the bull, and the cows were all smiling. Job well done !

The big battle with the internet, the supplier, the idiot(moi), and the general performance, it is still on the go. When one problem seems to sorted out, the next starts.

It all started with the Big Bang.

This is not a theory, it was a real happening.

There were all of us at their various stations in the home, even I was not in front of the computer at the 'happening'. I was watching TV at that moment. As I looked at the computer station (PC on dining room table), the smoke started pouring from the screen as if someone had opened a can of smoke bomb. I looked back at the TV and it started smoking a well, every single electrical appliance started smoking.

We had a power surge.

All power was turned off, alas - too late for radios, clocks, smaller goods.
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