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This is a poem about the toll time takes.
Was there ever a time,
A time when we were young,
And full of fire - passion -
It seems so long ago now...

Remember that time
When you were strong,
When you were invincible
And kind, before it all went wrong.

There was a time when
You respected God - and people -
Without reservation, without
Prejudice and discrimination.

Just think of that time before
You felt the fear of eye contact,
Before you saw threat everywhere
You looked, there was a time.

How was that time when you were
Without being mentally ill,
That time when adventure was life
And the War could be won...

That War will never end -
The time has seared it into your
Heart, your soul, your mind, forever
You are old, young man.

Your body is worn, injured -
Time has not been kind in return
For your Service.  What now?
Struggle on, Time, struggle on...
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