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Beware, Vampires do exist.
They are merely victims. Victims of their own self created purgatory, these vile, spineless vampires lurk everywhere one doth go, they will sink their teeth into your taut flesh & drain the red, hot plasma that surges through your veins. These beings know no true suffering nor do they know what it is to truly survive. To evolve. These beasts will take all they deem is useful from you & dispose of you, without batting an eyelash. This is not an existence, they do not exist. They merely feed off of the blessed ones, the chosen few. If you’re lucky, if your self preservation is your priority than you will escape these vermin. Do not hold contempt nor aggression towards them, do not forgive their actions nor forget their disloyalty. Simply rise above them, with your soul, pride, dignity & humanity bruised yet still intact.

They may come for you, obsess & desire to feed from your energy, but you are stronger than the pitiful mediocrity that is the epitome of this filth. Smile at the passive aggression, their need for attention, control.. And pass them on by.. These vampires will fade into a mere memory, a warning perhaps than eventually, they will fade into nothingness, the unknown.. Their own self created purgatory.

And you, will have already spread your wings & soared into your very own celestial kingdom.

Blessed Be

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