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Rated: E · Poetry · Death · #1828682
This is for my friend
Listen to my words My Dear Friend
Don't give up, this isn't the end
I see the tears, i see the pain
I know how it drives you insane
Your blood runs cold, your heartbeat dies
Your wings are broken, unable to fly
You want it to be over, an eternal sleep
As the dark closes in, and begins to creep
Yeah i get it, no one is real
Your wounds won't heal
People lie, it burns your core
The hurt in your heart bores
The lies on their lips so red
And the dark in you it has bred
No one is around, and you're left alone
And a strangling mass in you has grown
You wait for the end
To maybe get it right, and start all over again
But here i sit, patiently waiting
As i listen to your words, so contemplating
Will you realize, do you see?
It's also easy to be free
I'm here and i care
Please God have mercy, his heart will you spare?
Don't give up, don't back down
I see you six feet underground
In a box, so alone, so cold
Dead to the world, growing mold
The worms eat you, you're too far gone
In the background a familiar song
And my eyes water, as i picture this scene
At what you were driven to, cause life's too mean
A cruel harpist, my friend is gone forever more
And this pains me, straight to my core
The rain falls at your grave
Wilting the flowers, you were unable to be saved
I cry to think this My Dear Friend
Please don't let this be the end.
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