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So tired of seeing how Christmas has been lost to so many.
                Twisted Christmas                   

It's the Month Before Christmas, and it has started
Forgetting what’s important, to all greedy hearted.
The turkey is finished; the dishes are done,
Now to start thinking of what's number one.

Somehow, somewhere, we get lost in the shuffle,
Of what is important and what is just ruffle.
We check out the coupons, the savings that grow,
Never giving a thought to what we've let go.

The sweaters, the toys, the ambiguous ploys
That take us away, with their ongoing noise.
A big screen TV, a camera to see,
But never remembering what it is to feel.

To feel the joy of a parent's  hug,
Or to share a dinner with someone you love.
To feed the hungry, when you possibly can,
Or just to sit and listen to a church chant.

Visiting the sick who are on the mend
Or taking food to a needing friend.
Read to a child who has need of your time.
Reminding yourself to give is sublime.

We find time to shop forgetting to stop
To give thanks for the fact that we can.
Running out at dawn with clothes half on
Just to keep up with a trend.

Stop, breath close your eyes and see.
All you are missing and what Christmas should be.
Do it this year turn over your heart.
Give of yourself and forget the getting part.

Yesterday is gone and today is almost tomorrow
Telling us that we should beg steel or borrow
Any opportunity to do something for another
After all is said and done every man is our brother.

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