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Writing Prompt
"But I don't want to go!" Jane yelled at the man in front of her.

"Why?" Mark said. "You like to take trips. Why don't you want to go on this one?"

"I don't like water .... I can't go by boat," Jane stalked away from him.

    Mark was puzzled. She'd never acted like this before. They had always traveled a lot: hiking in the Rocky Mountains, driving along the California coastline, taking a train through Canada. She never once had refused; in fact, she was usually a joyful, willing partner. But this cruise to Greece was turning out to be the exact opposite of what he'd hoped for. There must be some reason, he thought, some reason she wasn't telling him. Was it Greece? They could go somewhere besides Greece. He didn't buy her comment about not liking water. Hell, on cruise ships in modern times like these you don't even see the water if you don't want to. He went to join her in the solarium.

"I'm sorry baby... is it Greece you don't like? We can go somewhere else if you want... Rome? the Riviera? Anywhere in the Meditteranean ..." his voice faded away as he saw her face. It was stony in its silence.

"Baby, we don't have to go anywhere ... the voyage is the best part of the journey," he said. "We could go windjamming in the Bahamas."

"No. I can't go by boat. Boats float on water. Don't you get it?" Her hair was beginning to stand out from her head, and he could swear her eyes were glowing. The look of dismay on his face, the fear in his eyes, told her that he got it, finally.

"No! What are you? Stay away from me!!" he gasped hoarsely.

"I am a witch," she said imperiously. He cowered before her voice, which filled the room with a hundred voices. She was suddenly taller ... bigger, bigger than life. "I can do anything -- except," and here her voice took on the hiss of snakes, "except travel over WATER!" This last word was a shout that could shake down the walls, angry in her frustration.

With one simple gesture, she made him vanish. Too bad, she thought; he was so much fun. At least she'd make out well in the will. She walked over to her purse and pulled out her phone.

"Hello, Detective Ryan? I'd like to report a missing person, my husband ...."

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