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by Dr. ET
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Those old stories may not seem much to me now, but back then, they were my everything.

You’re not real
You’ll never be real
You’ll leave me alone
In a cold reality
Your mere presence took me farther
Than I could ever go
And to places I’d have never thought
We’re real or possible
You pulled me
Pulled me far
Tugged me hard
I could only follow
For you amazed me
All you did was exist
And already I was blown away
You showed me there was power in the impossible
That there was reason to believe
In something no one told me to believe in
Because it was worth holding on to
Flurries of imagination
Journeys into the unknown
With you, I was anything I wanted
All had to do was follow
Imagine, and pretend
Maybe that’s all it was
Just pretend
Because without you
I was just real
And you would never know my pain
For you were unlimited
And I could no longer want you
For my time to want would end
We were only real together
Alone, I was still only pretending
Watching teary-eyed from afar, as you continued flight
You’ll never know my pain
For all I can do now
Is pretend it doesn’t hurt
You won’t age
You won’t tear
You may die
But you won’t disappear
Not as long as I am real
Because, one day, you’ll be gone
I’ll scour, but all I’ll have is a memory
Our memories
And our adventures
And again, I’ll be pretending
But not because I’m following you
But because I’m still loving you
They may forget you
As if you were never real
Maybe you never were
But I’ll be real
And I am real
And if I have to
I’ll be you
And we’ll be real again
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