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A compilation of my 6 word stories
Six word stories

Wife's pregnant, wonder who's the father.

"Swear you won't tell?" - he told.

I let her borrow my tears.

Cigarette, sleep, and dreams of fire.

Teddy survived the flood. Susie didn't.

"Things will get better," he lied.

Hate never knew me… until today.

Grim Reaper: "so where's your soul?"

"Please don't", but papa did.

Death wears tap-dance shoes.

"Grandma, why you crying? Where's grandpa?"

A paradox: Loneliness is never alone.

"Come one, come all," smiles Death

To do: wash cat off car

… and they lived happily for awhile.

And they lived… isn't that enough?

Two laugh, one cries, then silence.

I love you… I think.

Why'd my soup kill a fly?

WTF Hpnd 2 lit'Rture?

Father guards my closet door.

Ultra Viagra, fast acting hypothermic version.

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