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Jessie Ventura and I disagree ... on some points.
          I remember my uncle Paddy taking me to The Royal Pub outside
  Schneem. Well, there were some of his buds from his army days there.
  They all made a toast to an oval portrait of Queen Elizabeth,

            "To our mum!"

  Was the uprising that established the sovereign state of Southern Ireland
  treason? King George ordered that all those who signed the American
  Declaration of Independence be hanged for treason. The British government
  tried to assassinate Eimhin De Valara after his election to Prime Minister
  of Southern Ireland. He was indited for terrorism by the Royal Court of England.
  A bounty was put on him, by Northern Ireland Loyalist. They were not
  prosecuted for this illegal public notice, on the contrary, the English Court
  increased the bounty.

          That is political warfare. 9/11 is an act of war. How could this happen
  here? NORAD states it was conducting simulations of highjacked planes
  at the time of these highjackings and they needed Donald Rumsfeld's
  approval to stop the simulation and react to a real threat. The highjackers
  were all Saudis. The President unilaterally ordered an invasion of Iraq.
  Did you know that George Walker Bush cant leave the country without risking
  arrest? Canada will not allow him in. Interpol will arrest George Walker Bush
  for war crimes if he leaves the United States. Now, what will Obama do if
  that happens?  :)

        Jessie Ventura says that the Twin Towers should not have fallen from
  jet fuel. Well, they were hit by two commercial airliners. That is a lot of steel.
  I am not an architect. I don't know why Building 7 fell. It was suppose to be
  the Mayors strong hold in case of a disaster, like an earthquake. It was also
  a CIA headquarter. Maybe the CIA blew it to protect their secrets. Okay.
  You have a giant crime scene. What do you do? The Twin Tower debris was
  bull dozed and the scrap metal sent to China. What about the molten steel
  in the crater? It was buried. The fire trucks couldn't put it out. Jet fuel is not
  that hot; thermal explosive is and can be used under water.

        I am not a demolition expert. I like to think I am intelligent. Heh.
  Paddy told me about "Ghosts". These were IRA sleepers in Northern Ireland.
  They were not all Irish. They spied and blew things up. Their targets were
  military .. mostly. They wanted to disrupt military supply lines and power
  relays: electricity and phone lines. I presume there are Muslim Ghosts
  in the U.S.A. It is a logical strategy. War is an extension of ideology.
  Muslim terrorist believe God is on their side.

      "Spare not the very young or the very old. They are an abomination before
  the Lord." God said to Abraham. And Muslims believe that Abraham is one of
  their prophets. Yes. The true believers, who are trying to annihilate the Jews,
  believe in Abraham. The Angel Gabriel came to Mohammed and said,
  "You are the fulfillment of Abraham and Moses." Ironic?

      Jessie does not believe in torturing terrorist. Well, if someone wants to
  kill me and my people. I will do whatever is necessary to stop them.
  In this respect, I am lawless. I do think Ben Laden should have been captured
  and interrogated. Then, he could be crucified.+ I have no mercy for my
  enemies. That's good survival instincts. And its fun.

  I hope I haven't upset some Fox Reporters. They are so sensitive.

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