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A spiritual journey through the mind.
Creeping nightmares, vivid dreams,
Nothing is the way it seems,
Your mind is playing tricks on you,
These twisted thoughts distort your view.

The first nightmare, it starts like this,
A serpent approaches, with a hiss.
Shining scales, and glittering eyes,
Watch this coming, and fear demise.

"Open up your eyes," it said,
"You're already as good as dead,
This world is mine, you don't belong,
Everyone like you is wrong."

The serpent then unhinged its jaw,
Revealed to me a gaping maw,
Suddenly, I'm falling down,
Darkness, growing all around.

In to the belly of the beast,
I surely now must be deceased,
Calling out, I hear no sound.
I'm buried alive, underground.

Yet now this image fades away,
The shadows break and lose their sway,
Now, I see a grand new day,
Smiles across my features play.

A scene serene, so beautiful,
Lush and green, with nothing dull,
This dream unfolds and takes my breath,
This must be heaven, after death.

A lovely sound now fills my ears,
Washing away my fading fears,
Music from a place unknown,
Yet from this place these words have grown.

This voice unknown now speaks to me,
"Convenience killed simplicity,
All of your world follows lies,
More must learn to open eyes."

"The soul is light, and light lives on,
You must brave the night, for soon comes dawn.
This is the truth, and feel it so,
Yet from this dream, you must now go"

Then from this place my thoughts do stray,
I now wake up in a bed this way.
Emotions play across my face,
How can I be back in this place?

This world is real, this is no sleep,
A place where everything feels so skin deep,
For in this world where no one cares,
My eyes are open to new nightmares.

But deep inside, I hear the voice.
If given to me, then we all have a choice.
The love inside will truly decide,
So with purpose inside, onward I stride.
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