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by Kraki
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This is for my Senior project, it will be Historical fiction and reviews are welcome
A black cloud hangs over a small village, its once pristine buildings  lie broken and burned the once thriving populous reduced to nothing but charred and shattered corpses. A once pristine building a mayors’ or a marshals’ perhaps, lists to one side then after a agonizing second the once mighty wood releases a horrendous screech and collapses on its one time residents, their bodies unmoving a look of terror and surprise forever marked their faces only to be reduced to ash minutes later.  The village that housed perhaps one to two hundred people is now a slowly disintegrating grave site. The people made the nearby river their lively hood but as luck would have it, it ultimately brought around their demise and the abominations that caused this? Man ,but what kind of man would do such a thing you ask? Well have you ever heard of the Norsemen?

Chapter 1

793 A.D Tvímánuður, Northumbria (8th centry England)

Night finally encases the east cost, the towns and people that line the coast cower and scurry into their homes like rats in a storm. What they are cowering about they're not certain, but all the worthless sheep that make up the populous know is that something not human if you can believe the stories is ransacking the towns. Pillaging, raping, burning and maiming  each passing day the stories get worse, people claim that dragons are doing it to take the women and horde their hard earned gold. But their afraid and fear does some truly wonderful and horrible things, it makes people believe almost anything.

A ship slowly approaches a small rundown fishing village on the coast,sitting low in the water the dark wood that fashioned the Keel rises and falls on the waves, the figure head a dark jagged thing, its in a shape of a lizard , except  the teeth are too big. Too jagged, the eyes are black, and on the back of the head there's some jagged shapes jutting out. most-likely spines of some sort. Even though its hard to see through the late night fog and blackness, the ship is a dark almost brown color, the wood stained by the ocean and salt. The sails are white as is common place amongst sailing vessels, but these have a distinct red striping on them about two to three inches apart, and an inch wide. There is a rough outline of something round lining the sides of the ship, a slow and almost quite splashing is heard as the vessel approaches, Oars perhaps? The vessel creeping closer and closer to the shore has beached it's self about a half mile from the town. All at once clanking loud and strong echoes from the ship, human shaped outlines barely protrude from the blackness and fog. The black sky opens slightly allowing the pale yellow light of the full moon soak the Clearing that houses the vessel.

A loud thump resonates in the clearing proceeded by the sound of metal clashing. The pale lighting highlights the cause of the noise, its  a man short about 5'5, his feet are clad in leather boots, made from either sheep, or cow ,possibly deer? His lower half is covered in a pair of brown deerskin pants that stop just above the ankle, traveling up farther a wide leather belt covers his bulging stomach, beneath  is a black colored wool tunic, covering the tunic is a wide metal breastplate, its surface covered in soot to hopefully cover the shine when  light hits it. A leather belt a worn brown color with a large dull metal buckle is the last garment on the man, His face is a ruddy off white color, from smoke or something else is uncertain. A light blond mustache  adorns his upper lip a braid of light blond trails down his back, to rest at about the middle. The eyes are a light blue coloring, cheeks are red. The figures armor clinks and clanks for a moment as he raises a drinking horn to his lips and takes a generous pull form it.

“Ah now that was a great brew, who made it this time? Was it you Ragnar you old cur?” he says drunkenly.

A thud is heard again.

This time heavy footfalls sound in the clearing accompanied by the sound of chains.  A tall sandy blond man wearing slightly loose brown pants made from a deer a thin leather belt passes through the loops on his waist, the ends brightly decorated with gold images of a wolf howling is seen on the buckle , on his feet are brown leather boots with the toggles  on the left side of the feet, his chest is bare and on his back is a large gray wolf skin its forepaws are clasped together under his neck by small hoop with a pin on both ends and an opening in it that acts as a tie. His exposed torso is littered with scars, glancing blows with swords, animal claws, and a few burn marks as well. In his hands is a large weapon. A


A barbed spear the Hoggspjot has a long brownish red shaft about two meters in length, at the top a covering of iron sits a rivet pining the two together, a thin and long head branches off the covering made for cutting and thrusting, two little wings are placed on either side of and a little  above the rivet. 

On his left forearm is a round shield about eight millimeters thick.  The wooden strips bend slightly giving the round appearance of the shield, the boss is made of iron the protrudes slightly from the center riveted to the wood by iron rivets. The shield is painted red and gold in a swirl pattern, leather lines the outside edge fastened with iron.  The sound of chain rattling came from the length.

This is a Rough copy I will change it every now and then also it is uncorrected any corrections made on anything but the intro are welcome I have a fixed intro on another computer!
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