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by pixie
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In this poem I have tried to portray the image of a beautiful dawn that i witnessed.
At night while trying to write a poem, I fell asleep,

I woke with a start, so tired still, my notebook was still clear,

rubbing my neck I looked out the window and heard a bird's tweet,

then I stretched and went to the garden to have some fresh air,

looking at the sky my jaw dropped, what a wonderful view!

black and grey, blue and purple mixed in breathtaking way,

on the canvas so huge and vast, with no particular hue,

glittering, shining stars on it now slowly fading away,

as I stayed staring at the sky a breeze brushed my face,

cool and fragrant, fresh and nice, silent yet so loud,

stirred my feelings and then soothed them, made me relax,

I shut my eyes and let the breeze spread its magic on me and all around,

I opened my eyes when something moved, in the neem tree at my side,

then I heard the sparrows' songs, as they hovered around,

near a flower hovered a bird so tiny as I pried,

with pointy, large and thin beak, a hummingbird I had found!

Then dancing and singing three nightingales came,

beautiful birds singing so sweet, jumping from place to place,

a woodpecker sat on the neem tree and then started playing its game,

pecking, pecking, pecking the trunk with a steady pace,

I lifted my gaze to the sky again and gasped at the sight,

yellow beams slowly spreading, like strokes on a painting so real,

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, tears on my cheeks that I couldn't fight,

I went inside and took my pen, now my head more clear,

I scribbled and scribbled I wasn't aware until the very end,

when my hand stopped, I looked at the page and clasped my hands with joy,

I read once, twice, thrice and then I went to bed,

and on the table, in my notebook was written my daybreak poem.

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