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The darker sides of streets in any city.
At night we ride down lonely streets,
Drowning silence with amps and beats,
In night we thrive, in my domain,
Ride city streets like blood through its veins,
We spread this plague to one and all,
We harbor this, our own downfall.

I don't know why I must do this,
This life brings only shallow bliss,
Nothing here but greed and lies,
Be careful with whom you have ties.

In these streets, some can make you,
In these streets, more will break you,
In these streets, you have to know,
A second chance is rarely shown.

In this game are no mistakes,
Or all but life they soon will take.
All these dark places where we live,
Come about from what we give,
We must be sick to live this way,
To waste these lives with games we play.

We live such lives, in dark of night,
We live such lives, hidden from sight,
Afraid God can see us in the day,
These dark streets hold our lives in sway.
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