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For; My best friend.
This isn't a love song
This isn't meant to be loved

This isn't a break up,
'Cause it can't be broken

So when you finally get the nerve
To pick up this paper and read it
You'll see the desire still left in me

You gave me a rush that I need to feel again
I became addicted and this can't just be the end
I could fly, I'd get so high
and I never would come down
But now that your gone,
I'm forced to move on

This isn't a hate song,
'Cause I am not angered with you

This isn't a happy song,
'Cause i'm not happy
With who you've become.

So when your out there with your new girlfriend
I hope you know she won't be like me.


Don't ask me if I'm okay,
'Cause the answer hasn't changed.

I just want you to know
That I still think about you,
From time to time.
My love still lies.

But don't call me
'Cause we shouldn't talk at all
I may love you,
But I need to stand tall.

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