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Jennifer finds out Bradley's ex-love has come back to reclaim him.
Megan wasn;t expecting Jennifer. She didn't how to tell her what Miles had just told her. So she decided to make up something. "One of your puppies ate one of Vicki's throw pillows."

"What? Hey! I was just in the house and everything was in tact. You can do better then that." Jennifer brushed a leaf out of her hair.

Megan looked at the ground. Miles decided to lay it on the line.

"Jennifer, I was just in town. I heard that Sharon's husband died and she just came back from Ireland. She wants Bradley back. You have nothing to worry about. He loves you and is devoted to you. She will probably try to find him. Bradley will send her packing ."

"Sharon? Wait a minute. The only other woman Bradley has made love to besides me. She isn't going to get him! Thanks for telling me, Miles. You don't need to blush. Where Megan and I come from, making love and sex is part of everyday public conversations. I am going to see Bradley." Jennifer walked away.

"I think we had better go with her." Miles wasn't sure if he should have told Jennier or not.

"Right behind you." Megan and Miles followed Jennifer.

"My carriage is here. Megan and I will take you to Bradley's."

Jennifer nodded. Miles, Megan and Jennifer got into Miles carriage. Jennifer was nervous and she was smoking.

"I got rid of Rainey and I can get rid of this one, too. A whore who goes after her ex-lover the minute her husband dies. The poor guy isn't even cold in the ground. I will give her a black eye. I want to see Bradley to warn him. Don't think I am insecure. I trust Bradley."

"I know. Bradley won't want to see Sharon. You know his heart belongs to you." Megan patted Jennifer's hand.

The rest of the ride to Bradley's plantation was quiet. As soon as Miles's carriage arrived, there was a fancy white carriage there with green plush velvet seats. They didn't have to guess who the carriage belonged to. SHARON.

Jennifer got out of the carriage and started to rush to the door but there was an open window. Miles, Megan and Jennifer didn't go in the house. They heard Bradley talking.

"Sharon, I am sorry your husband died. If your husband was still alive, you wouldn't be here. Since you are here, I assume you didn't love your husband. As for the hug and kiss you just gave me, I am sorry." Miles and Megan had to hold Jennifer back after this statement.

"I love someone else with all my heart. We are going to be married. Her name is Jennifer. She is from America. With you, I thought it was love but after meeting her, I know what love is. Jennifer lights up my world and she is the most beautiful, loving woman I know. You will find someone else. Don't rush into anything. Don't marry again unless you are sure it is love. I am sorry about your husband. Thank you for coming by but I will have to ask you to leave. I will never forget what happened with you and I. It is a nice memory but Jennifer is the love of my life. She makes me happy. Have a good life, Sharon. It was nice to see you again."

"You and I made love. I know you loved me. You can always call off the wedding to that Jennifer. An American? They are so new world and I am an Irish woman. You told me I was the most beautiful, alluring woman you know. You didn't say you love me but we made love like you did love me." Sharon was pouring on her Irish charm but Bradley wasn't playing into it.

Jennifer burst into the house before Miles and Megan could stop her. Miles and Megan were behind her. Jennifer grabbed Sharon by her blonde hair and Bradley grabbed Jennifer. "Darling, I love you. My uninvited guest Sharon was just leaving. Sharon, I will have to ask you to go. I am marrying Jennifer." On that note, Bradley passionately kissed Jennifer. Sharon was defeated and left with tears in her eyes and a headache. Jennifer had pulled her hair real rough and she was in pain physically and mentally.

"Darling, I had it under control. You know I love you. If you love me and trust me, please promise me you won't attack women who get around me. I can handle them. That Calin guy wanted you and you chose me. I trust you so I am asking you to do the same for me."

"I am tired of other women being after you. As soon as we get back from France, I am marrying you. I have a bad temper. I promise to be a lady when I meet your family. After that, I won't be a lady all the time. I will be polite and act respectable but I won't act like a frigid, shy quiet stufft English woman. Can you live with that?" Jennifer asked Bradley.

"Of course, Darling. You are the woman I want and I love everything about you." Bradley hugged Jennifer.

"She is beautiful." Jennifer said.

"Not like you. You are the most beautiful woman I know."

Miles cleared his throat. Bradley smiled. "Jennifer and Megan are the most beautiful women I know."

"That is more like it, my friend. You knew how to handle Sharon. Just be glad we have Megan and Jennifer." Miles put his arm around Megan.

"Would you like a brandy?" Bradley asked Miles.

"I would, my good man." Miles and Bradley left to go into the study. Miles looked back and said:" I will be back later." "Me, too." said Bradley.

Jennifer and Megan sat on the couch. "Women will always come on to Bradley and you will have the same problem with Miles. They love us. We will have to remember that."

"We had two gypsy men fawning over us but we chose Bradley and Miles. They were jealous of the gypsy men."

"I know. I hope the rest of our lives will be smooth sailing. Bradley and I have two kids." Jennifer smoked another cigarette.

"You mean the puppies? Those are babies." Megan smiled.

Just then it started to thunder.

"Great. I miss having a weather man. Right now, I would settle for Matt who used to tell us the weather at work." Megan laughed.

"Me, too. How do they plan things around the weather in this time?"

"They just do. I guess we are spoiled from being in the present." Thunder sounded again and Jennifer jumped.

"Are you Ladies scared?" Miles came back in carrying a brandy.

"Don't be silly. I miss knowing what the weather is going to be from day to day." Megan smiled.

It started to rain. Bradley came out and sat down beside Jennifer. The rain was pouring down hard.

"Are the babies behaving?" Bradley asked.

"They are into everything. Vicki and Bill like them. They will take care of them when we go to France." Jennifer smiled warm thoughts thinking of the babies.

"Change of plans. We leave Monday. Two more days. Are we ready?" Bradley asked.

"I am but I will miss my babies." Jennifer looked sad.

"They will be alright." Bradley poured another brandy. He offered one Jennifer and Megan but they said no.

"I have never been on a ship before." Megan was nervous about the trip.

"There is nothing to it. Captain McGregor is a Scottish man and he has never had a crisis on his voyages. He is the best." Bradley knew the right people.

"I know Captain McGregor. He is the best Captain." Miles has sailed on ships before.

The rain let up and the sun was coming out. Miles asked Megan and Jennifer if they were ready to go. Jennifer wantede to go home tom check on the babies. Jennifer kissed Bradley.

"You, Miles and Megan are staying here tomorrow night so we can get to the ship. We have to go to London to catch the ship." Jennifer hugged Bradley and told him that she loved him and would see him tomorrow night.

Miles, Megan and Jennifer got in Miles carriage and went back to Vicki's and Bill's. Jennifer felt better about Bradley. She had heard him reject Sharon. She was so ready to get married.

They were back at Vicki's and Bill's. Jennifer went into the house and the puppies were all over her. She would miss these big babies.

"There you are. Are things alright?" Vicki asked.

"Sure. We were at Bradley's. Miles, Megan and I are staying at Bradley's tomorrow night. Will you be able to watch the babies?"

"Of course. We love them. You can have them when you come back. Muffy may pout for the next two months but she will be alright." Vicki had baked some chocolate chip cookies. Megan went and got a couple and Miles ate some, too.

"Oh, Dear! One of the babies chewed up, one of your pillows!" I am sorry." Jennifer picked up the poor pillow. Looks like Megan's vibes were working over time again. She had made up a lie and it turns out it was a truth.

"I will just sew it up. No problem." Vicki always had a smile.

Miles told Megan he had to leave. He kissed her and told her he would see her tomorrow.

"I love you." Megan purred.

"I love you more." Miles and Megan kissed some more.

"Get a room!" said Jennifer.

"We will tomorrow night at The Bradley Plantation Inn." Megan laughed. Jennifer threw the chewed up pillow at them and George caught it in mid air. There were feathers everywhere.

"George! Stop that!" Jennifer scolded. The other puppy was chewing on it as well. Megan and Jennifer would be cleaning up feathers the rest of the day.

Another day in the life of Megan and Jennifer.

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