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Manny Hardin shows up at Beth's Christmas party

Prompt: An Older Newcomer

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Stranger at Christmas

It was a Christmas Party but more than just that. It was a celebration for Beth Hamilton. In the past year Monarchy Real Estate had turned the corner and gone from facing foreclosure to making a profit. In the depressed local economy this was nothing short of remarkable. The employees loved her and why not? They still had a job, made a good living and on top of everything else had just received a modest holiday bonus. Everybody attributed the turn-around to their young broker, Ms. Beth, who had become CEO following the untimely death of her father.

The guests began to arrive at seven and they were a combination of employees, special customers, and young business men and women who had grown up together in the community. Yes, Beth was definitely a success story and her friends were watching, wondering when she was going to devote some time to her personal life and who that special someone was going to be.

She was, after all, attractive, had a nice figure and was the embodiment of an available young woman. There was a sparkle that animated her eyes and a wry humor that went along with it. Everybody felt her attraction and worked hard to earn her esteem.

Gradually, the parking lot at the Crystal Lake Lodge began to fill. It was the off season, early December, and Christmas loomed around the corner. Nobody noticed the stretched Lincoln Town Car that pulled in late or the chauffeur that hustled around and opened the door.

The passenger was a big man in his late forties, casually dressed and smoking a cigar. He wore dark slacks, a purple shirt and black vest. He was courteous to the driver, gave some instructions and proceeded down the incline and into the Club. At the door, Clairese, thought he was some lost soul, showing up at the wrong party.

“Your invitation Sir,“ she asked politely.

He reached into his coat and handed her an envelope. She looked at the name. It read "Hardin Brothers and Associates."

“We’re delighted to have you,” she said, welcoming the stranger inside. As she did Beth walked up with a broad smile.

“I’m so glad you could come, Mr. Hardin and join our little celebration.”

She stepped back and cleared her throat."Ahem! Ahem!" The other guests strained to hear.

“Everybody, pay attention now, This is a dear friend of mine, Manny Hardin. We'll be walking around and I want you all to meet the benefactor who has helped make our success possible.“

Beth and Mr. Hardin moved about the reception hall, managing the introductions and causing a bit of a stir. Several of her friends noted the way Beth held his arm, and from time to time gave him a guarded look, however, because of the age difference nobody gave serious thought to any romantic interest. After all, the man was old enough to be her father and his dress, why, he looked like a Mafia figure. Nobody questioned Beth's explanation and saw their relationship as strictly business. They circulated for about half an hour until interrupted. His chauffeur walked up carrying an attaché case and telephone.

“You have a call, Mr. Hardin.“

"I'll take it outside, Bodo," He replied. Manny smiled and excused himself.

What was that all about? everyone wondered.

Rosemary, bolder than the rest, decided she needed something from her car and followed them outside. Minutes later she reported a telephone conversation out by the Limo. Hmmm, whispered the guests to one another.

Beth saw the impression Manny’s presence was having and it came as no surprise. He had that effect on people and brought back memories of her father. The two were remarkably similar in many ways. She blushed inwardly but there was no doubting that she felt an attraction.

Beth graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Business Administration and a part of that education was the social learning that went part and parcel with a college experience.. She met, dated and been intimate with young men and found that aspect of a human relationship satisfying, however, she never met a younger man who gave her the emotional lift that her father had. She loved her father, as daughters often do, without anything circumspect or inappropriate in the relationship. It was this esteem that always seemed lacking in her college forays. Manny Hardin, however, was someone altogether different. He was quite a bit older, but she found that even more compelling and caused her to wonder what it would be like knowing him better.

Unfortunately he hadn’t shown her much interest and since he was her mentor, she bided time and waited to see what was going to develop. When she sent the invitation she hoped he would come. There was no RSVP, and she hadn’t had time to dwell on it.

At ten O’clock the band really hit its stride. Beth loved to dance and there was no shortage of young men vying for her attention. The music had just finished when Manny walked up. In the next number the music quickened and she was surprised by his skill and sense of rythm. Then came a slow dance, and she was struck again by how effortlessly he moved.

He stepped back when the dance ended, pointing to the bar. Another hopeful took his place and the big man ambled off. When she looked in on him an hour later, he was socializing with the guests in that inimitable manner. He had a knack for getting others to talk while he listened attentively, like what they were saying was the most important thing he’d heard all day. He had become a popular figure, and she walked over and stood close. So close in fact that her breast unwittingly brushed his bicep. Taking no apparent notice, he extended his arm and together they walked about drawing the revelers into casual conversation. Eventually it got warm and they went out into the parking lot.

“Having fun?” she asked.

“Of course,” he answered, “don’t I always?”

“You have an endearing manner,“ she replied.

"It's a nice group...They seem quite taken with your leadership."

"We've made some improvements. Want to check out the Agency?”

“Love to,” he answered. Bodo appeared from nowhere, opened the door and they climbed into the Limousine.

It was a short drive. The Agency stood on a hill amid some old pine trees. The design had a modern log architecture with a soaring cathedral-like ceiling. Arm and arm they walked up the sidewalk. When they reached the massive oak doors, Beth punched in the security code. The door clicked and they went inside. The lights came on revealing an alcove that led into clusters of tastefully arranged work stations, where the agents had their cubicles. Beth’s office was in the back. It had a door that led into a condo where she lived.

“Very nice,” commented Manny. “Much nicer than I expected.”

“The Agency moved here two years ago, however, we just finished some renovations, mostly in my apartment…care to see it?”

“After you,” he replied.

Beth opened the door and proceeded inside. There was a living room with a couch and a dry sink. She went behind it and fixed them a drink.

“Scotch and water?” she asked raising a brow….

“That’ll be fine,” he answered taking the glass.

They stood sipping a moment and she noticed his eyes. They were undressing her body and he wasn't even trying to hide it. It was a look she hadn’t seen before and a tremor of excitement reverberated deep inside. There was something compelling about those eyes. They fostered an almost glandular attraction, filled with forbidden desire. It occurred to her that she wanted this man and the difference in years was not at issue.. Anticipation quickened and her breath checked. What would it be like, she wondered, to become intimate?

Still Beth was principled. Having sex with the boss had always seemed wrong, almost immoral, a thing definitely out of bounds. Now, to her growing dismay, she was waiting anxiously for him to make the first move. Nor, was she disappointed. He set his drink down and walked over. Taking her in his arms, their lips reached out to one another. She felt herself melt and opened to the probing of his tongue. It slipped inside and began exploring her palate. She sighed, heavily.

His big hands reached behind and unzipped her dress and pulled the fabric down over her shoulders. She shed the straps as he tugged down over her hips and let it fall to the floor. Stepping out of her shoes she stood quietly in a dark slip. Manny kicked his own off and finished his drink. He laid his vest on the couch and unbuttoned his shirt. From his pocket he produced a tube of lubricant and laid it casually on the table.

“You know my Dear,” he said . “I’ve been wanting for a long time for this.”

“Could have fooled me,” she replied, pretending not to notice the container, “Up to now you've been pretty impersonal."

“Appearances are important,” he answered, “...and it isn’t fair if the other interns think someone is taking an unfair advantage.”

“Of course not Mr. Hardin. I’m not looking for that…”

“Then what are you looking for, Beth?”

“I find you attractive...that’s all, very attractive.”

He unbuckled his trousers and stepped out of them. As he laid them next to his vest, he removed his cell phone and made a call.

“Bring the ladder and tool box,” he said, "we’re almost ready.”

Beth gave him an inqusitive look, as he clicked the cover shut.

“I have something to demonstrate," he said, in response to her unspoken question.

"Right now?" She replied, not wanting anything to spoil the moment.

“Yes, my Dear.“

There was a knocking at the door…

“Take your slip off,“ he directed. Manny went to the door and opened it.

“Where do you want it boss?“ asked Bodo.

“This way.“ He walked over to the wall, pulled a table back and looked towards the ceiling. Above, at about ten feet was a six-by-six beam.

Bodo followed behind with a metal box and step ladder. He smiled at Beth standing there in her skivvies….

“Good evening Ms. Hamilton,” he said.

She blushed… This was all so unexpected.

Manny pointed and Bodo positioned the ladder and scrambled up, setting his tools on the paint platform. Removing a cordless drill he secured two metal plates into the beam. To these he attached two chains and binders. The nylon straps fed into the fixtures and at the ends were attached wrist restraints. When he finished he climbed down, gathered his implements and departed.

Manny tested the restraints… pulling down with his full weight. Satisfied he turned to Beth.

“Step over here, Sweetheart, and extend your hands.”

“What exactly do you have in mind?” she asked incredulously.

“Are you going to start questioning me?“

"Ahh No....Of course not…."

“Then step over here and do as I say.“

She took a deep breath and walked up to the wall. Extending her arms she faced him. Manny reached behind and unsnapped her bra pulling it down. Her breasts spilled out. They were shaped like plums and he took one in his hand and kissed the nipple.

“Hmmm, nice, very nice,” he said licking it with his tongue. Smacking his lips he attached the wrist restraints.

“Hands in the air,” he instructed and pulled on the tie-down. A recoil mechanism removed the slack and he reached up cinching down the bindings.

“On your tip toes,” he told her, “...and take hold of the straps…that’s a good girl, get a tight grip on them.”

She nervously complied.


She nodded, unsure of herself.

Dropping to his knees he pulled down her panties. She could feel his breath and the grip of his fingers as they closed about her buttocks. His thumbs slid around and spread the soft tissues. His tongue entered and his lips closed on her bud. A tingle of desire spread across her body. He began to suck and tease languidly, while she sighed and moaned.

Looking up he said jokingly, “I’m getting you lathered, Sweetheart, something big is about to come into your life.”

“You didn't have to tie me up, Mr. Hardin, I wasn't planning on going anywhere."

“When you see The Bodacious One,” he said in amusement, “You might have second thoughts."

Beth craned her neck, looking in anticipation.

Manny pulled down his boxers and she gasped. It was the largest phallus she had ever seen and it was swollen and fully erect. He held the gristly appendage waving it back and forth. She strained against the wrist bands and squeezed the nylon straps.

I wasn't exaggerating,” he explained, “I know this all seems a bit bizarre but I've learned a thing or two over the years, about this salami of mine. When a woman gets introduced for the first time, its best she take the medicine standing up.”

He picked up the lube, put some on his finger and inserted it into her vagina. She felt him working it about and swirling the tip around. He paid special attention to her entrance where he applied it liberally The sensation was warm and pleasant but it was also brought a sense of foreboding. Then she watched as he slathered it on his distended organ insuring the mushroom was well coated. Satisfied, he stepped up between her legs.

“Shoulders against the wall!“ he ordered.

She pressed her scapula back into the logs..

His hands reached beneath her thighs and lifted them up onto his own. Then he addressed her crotch and pressed the head of his cock into the swirling hairs. Her breath hitched as he found the opening. It was a tight fit and Beth twisted about as it began to muscle inside. She strained on the bindings as it moved in fits and starts, wet with friction, down the channel of her sex.

"Oh my Gawd!" she cried out as it wormed deeper and deeper.

His hands guided her waist as she hung suspended on the horn of his manhood. Then he pulled her tight into his solar plexis and seated it to length.

She thrashed about as her body rebelled, trying desperately to find relief and accommodate the girth. He began to stroke, if you could call it that. It was lodged so tight that it didn't want to cooperate. Instead she swung about as he tried getting it to move.

"Please, Mr. Hardin," she pleaded, twisting and turning, "its so big, I don't think I can do this,"

"Don't go there," he said, without sympathy, "It'll loosen up."

"Yes, sir!" she snapped in irritation. The size of his endowment was uncomfortable and took getting used to. Then, there was the unfamiliarity of this new and unexpected experience.

How did I ever get into this predictament? she wondered.

“Lock your legs behind me.”

Gradually her body began secreting fluids and his erection started moving. She began to perspire as he hunched, slowly at first, with his lips worrying her breasts and tongue tormenting her nipples. A myriad of sensations, on top of everything else, provided a mixture of eagerness and frustration.

“Move with me, “he said. She did, her best, squirming, as he had his way. Slowly she began adjusting to the awkardness.

He carried her weight on his thighs and schooled her on what to do. She could tell he was experienced in this form of intercourse by the way he handled her body and guided her movements. His strong hands directed her hips, in and out and she yielded to the back and forth of his quickening stroke. From deep inside, desire pleaded and her need began to assert itself. Gradually an orgasm welled up, crying out for relief.

“Oh my goodness! ” she cried in eagerness.

He grunted, seating himself and pulled up on her buttocks.

She thrashed about trembling in estascy. Time seemed suspended as she jerked spasmadically, impaled on obscenity, tormented by desire. "Fuck me! Fuck me," she moaned as they copulated in a maddening eternity of slow motion. What am I saying she thought, what must he be thinking?

He chortled as she pleaded for release and welcomed the mastery of his will.

"Ohhh, Ohhh , Don't stop don't stop."

On and on the beat continued as she twisted and turned to his urging and insistent tempo.

"My Gawd... Faster, faster! Do me! Do me!" The experience was becoming increasingly surreal. Her words were coming from somewhere she had never known before. Inhabition was casting aside all scruple and desire all shame.

He paused, letting her wallow in the passion, as a rush swept through her body.

She arched, her back, stiffened and a long shudder ran the length of her frame. Gradually it passed leaving her hanging limp.

"Don't quit on me!" he snapped..."I hate it when a woman does that!"

"I'm not... I won't," Beth pleaded and began moving once more in compliance. The cycle began anew as she struggled to satisfy his insatiatible appetite. On and on he continued the unrelenting rut...until she found herself responding once more. The second time was even more intense and they both came together. Her vagina stretched as he unleashed the serpent and like a firehose it thrashed inside. Again and again she felt him swell and disgorge hot spurts of semen. A rapture tingled through every cell and fiber.

When he was done, Manny pulled out and uncinched the velcro restraints. Taking Beth in his arms he carried her to the bed where they laid a long time, embracing, letting their emotions cool and bodys recover..

“How was that?” he finally inquired.

“A whole lot more than I ever expected,” she replied.
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