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Again, this isn't my usual style. Another gift for baby Myles. A storm of emotion.
Stallions, thousands of them. Dark in mane and coat. The highpitched clash of their feet against the ground is all that can be heard.
A bright streak of light, as more loud pounding and cries ring out above my head. Large beasts, leaping over me.
Soon, more sharp sounds of hooves falling drown out my soothing voice. "It's alright. Does it make you sleepy? Yes, me too."
Through the speed of the creatures above me, their cries as their children connect with the ground, my world, mind and body move slowly.
I hum to myself, gently rocking, as I watch the chaos before me.
The sounds, sights,as they strike are so random.
Yet I feel it. I sense it, a beautiful pattern to the madness.
I cradle my unborn child as the warmth and fresh scents cradle me. My worries, fears, everything erased. Just for this hour and then it's gone.
I almost feel sorrow as I look up at the sky. The rain, no longer deafening, drops sweetly to the ground to caress the flora so carelessly trampled by the torrent before it.
The fast dark clouds have moved on to enchant some other soul. The world picks up again, as if never pausing to view the storm.
I linger on my thoughts.
This strong, powerful beast of weather stopped the lives of animals. It killed the plants, their food.
After this, however, it starts the world anew. Fresh. Born again.
I feel peace and joy as I think of my own new beginning, almost within my reach. Let the storm come, I am ready.
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