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This is a 21 part story written as little poems.
WARNING: If you have PTSD and are sensitive to triggers, you may not want to read this.

Part I

Her mother named her Amber, a gem just like the sun.
She held her close and welcomed her, her life had just begun.

Born onto an Air Force base, one hot, wet Fourth of July.
Her family called out "Firecracker!" As she let out her first cry.

Part II

The child is getting bigger now, she's learning how to speak.
She's learning many colorful words, and growing every week.

Her mother brought a daddy home, she loves him very much.
She has a normal family now, with this late added touch.

Part III

Her Daddy wears a uniform, he works on things that fly.
He always smells of shoe polish, he's been up in the sky.

It seems the family never stops, they're changing homes again.
Moving from the tropical base, she loses her tan skin.

Part IV

Amber loves her brand new home, so different from the last.
In this new place, it's always bright. The temperature drops fast.

Everyday she plays in snow, she learns to sled and skate.
She thinks her life is perfect, and that everything is great.

Part V

Her party was a blast. You see, the child turned five today.
Now it's time for bed and sleep, her mother has gone away.

Her father calls her out to him, he's drinking with his friends.
He tells her that they'll play a game. Tonight her innocence ends.

Part VI

It happens almost every night, her father makes her "play."
She spends her days and night in fear. Why won't he go away?

They've moved to a new city, there's one place she likes to be.
She's going to a public school, the only place she's free.

Part VII

She's starting to feel numb inside, she wishes it would end.
She's distant and she's lonely. She hasn't made a friend.

Another year of pain has gone, but she just doesn't care.
She wishes she had someone close, but the girl is just too scared.


Now she's in a daycare, this year she has turned eight.
They've taken her out bowling, it's starting to get late.

Her mother comes in frantic, and drags the girl away.
In the car, her mother says "Your grandma died today."

Part IX

Amber's having fun at school, she's finally made some friends.
She's interested in Pokemon, and all the other trends.

Her days are fun and full of laughs, she always wants to play.
Night time rolls around and all the girl can do is pray.

Part X

Ten years old, she's put on weight, the stress is just too much.
She cries and jumps at sudden sounds and shys away from touch.

Her father still won't stop his games, she wishes she would die.
She wants to join her grandmother and kiss her pain goodbye.

Part XI

Her grandfather now lives with her, and father is unhappy.
He yells at Amber and his wife for doing things like laughing.

The girl is sure something's amiss. No, something isn't right.
A week or two go by before her mother takes a flight.

Part XII

Her mother is in England, to visit her new "Friend".
She's left the girl back home with dad. Her nightmare just won't end.

The sun goes down and Amber's dad gets angry at his wife.
The girl spends several painful weeks hiding cuts from his new knife.


Her mother has come home again, the girl begs her to stay.
The mother simply tells her to "Go play." And "Get away."

Something new has happened though. A gift from up above.
The little girl has found some hope. Amber is in love.

Part XIV

Love, as always, passes fast and she is left alone.
Her parents are divorcing now, her dad is leaving home.

Her mother pulls the girl aside, she has something she must say.
"In court he has disowned you. Honey, it's okay."
"You'll visit every weekend. He's not your real father, anyway."

Part XV

The abuse is starting to take it's toll, her heart beat isn't right.
Her mother says she's lying and all they do is fight.

Amber just can't take the pain, she tries to end her life.
The fear of dying stops her short and she has to drop the knife.

Part XVI

She's fallen in and out of love, but something's changed tonight.
She meets a fun and quirky boy, it's true love at first sight.

Though her pain continues, she tries now to forget.
She wants to fill that void with all the love from who she's met.

Her heart still isn't doing well, her chest now always aches.
Her boyfriend keeps her feeling loved, but slowly her heart breaks.

His family won't let them be happy and they force the two apart.
She moves away with someone else, wanting a fresh start.

Living with her new found love takes her from her home.
She can't stop thinking of her ex, to him her mind will roam.

Amber makes a choice this time, to leave her lover here.
To go back to the boy she loved, and always keep him near.

Part XIX

Fear is all she knows right now, she had to take the test.
She learns that she is now with child, she doesn't know what's best.

The pregnancy destroys her heart. Amber almost dies.
Her son is born too early, it's amazing he survives.

Part XX
Her son is growing faster now, he's just learned how to walk.
The man she wants to marry falls in love, this is a shock.

He leaves her heart in pieces, as he lies to her at night.
Finally he breaks her heart, but someone makes it right.
She leaves her son at home and catches the next flight.

Part XXI
She's married now, to a great man. He always treats her well.
She's had another child with him, her life's no longer hell.

She's started to write poetry, she's trying to be brave.
She's a mother and a wife now, no longer someone's slave.

For the first time in my life, I have shared my tale with you.

In posting this, I promise, that my every word is true.

This is the hardest thing for me that I have posted to this date.

In hoped that maybe somewhere there's a soul that can relate.

I've written this in poem form, the only thing I know.

Because I knew that rhyming words would help soften the blow.

I hope that doesn't subtract the impact of what I had to say.

Perhaps now, I can take a deep breath, and know that it's okay.

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