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Rated: E · Non-fiction · Emotional · #1830612
Forgetting about his promises to his once true love, he leaves and forgets her forever.
         My love forgot about me. He left me alone in the dark, in the cold. I was alone now and no one was there. He was my first love, my first kiss, but yet he left me alone. I was promised forever and always, but forever and always came too quick. His forever and always promises now belonged to another. Another much prettier, more petite and more outgoing. I was just his for the moment, but he was done with me now. I should find someone else too. I did. He loved me for me. He wanted me. He saw me. But when I looked at him, I only saw my first love. I was blinded by my first love and I had no hope of seeing. I didn't want my new love to leave, but I only held on to him to have someone close for I was lonely. Oh, how selfish I am. I knew the difference between the two; their touch was different, their scent not alike. But I couldn't get past the face of my first love. My other love's face was hidden. He was giving me his all, but I only longed for another. How could my love have been forgotten, when I loved so hard. I knew I would never come out of the dark, out of the cold, but selfish me would not let go. Maybe it will be one day when I can see clearly and see that the man in front of me loves me. Maybe one day my heart won't cloud my sight and I can see that, my love has forever fogotten me.
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