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Taking a journey down a dark path, encountering scary events along the way.

"Come on Treena! Catch up and stop being scared," said the voice that ran through my mind. It looks so dark and scary down there. I’m not sure I want to go that way, is it safe? What if something happens and no one hears our cry for help? But it’s too late, everyone is already ahead of me laughing and giggling. I run nervously up to my cousin and grab his hands, as he looks at me seeing the fear in my eyes, he pulls me closer to him. "I got you little cousin, I'll karate chop anything that comes our way." Hearing him talk about karate chopping anything always made me laugh and I know that’s why he said it.
Hearing the jokes that are going around, looking around me every five seconds, I keep a smile on my face acting as if I'm enjoying this adventure. It seems like we have been walking for hours. The further we go, the darker it gets. The sun is blocked by tall trees that now seem to be covering us like a blanket. A cracking noise from behind has me on edge. Someone or something is behind us, do I dare look to see what it is? No, think I won't look back this time. Ants are everywhere, crawling around looking at me, as if I'm a piece of food someone dropped on the ground at a picnic. What is this flying by my head? Get away! "Wait, what was that?" My sister says. Oh great this is it. Goodbye world, goodbye parents. We are too far away for anyone to save us. "RUUUUNNN!! It’s a rattlesnake!" my cousin says as he yanks my arms out of the socket.
"Why are we stopping? Shouldn't we be running back to our parents? And what happened to the ground?" No one answers me. I turned to see what the silence is all about. "Oh my! This is beautiful!" The trees that once covered us in darkness, have opened up to let the sun shine so bright over such lovely green grass. Not a weed insight. The flowers were moving softly in the wind. Mountains starred back at us from the other side of the field. Never have I imagined this is what surrounds us. How can something look so peaceful and undisturbed? I wonder is this what it looked like centuries ago, before cars and all the modern things in life today came along? When nature did what it did and humans sat back and watched. Now I understand the meaning of camping.
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