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I wrote a journal in attempt to turn off the internal critique and decided to post them.
What’s up man?

I’ve had such an up and down week, constantly going from competitive and negative to cooperative and happy,.

I cut a tree limb down for my mom yesterday, it was pretty big, a little thicker then what my palm could grasp around. I have been learning ThiChi and decided once the limb was off the tree, to make a game out of breaking it down and try out my new understanding of energy (and breaking stuff lol) and broke this huge branch down with my hands. See, the key is- first focus on FEELING the object (limb in this case), feeling with your eyes, hands, feeling the power below your feet and your mind will recognize where the force should be applied-remember that by feeling- not trying to focus on breaking and then let the energy flow through your body (up from your feet and back down at the same moment) like a wave across a body of water after the earth shakes… and BOOM… energy and force will flow through your relaxed body completely through the log. I tell you what- I snapped that mother-f***er on one of the bigger branches like a lightning bolt splits a tree. I had to use the saw sometimes but i’m working on that lol.

I had some really bad work days that led me to have really fun nights, maybe you have to feel bad sometimes to appreciate feeling happy.

Oh well- just cooperate with the universe “OM NAMAH SHIVAY” (I unite with God mantra) and keep working effortlessly to listen to the voice pushing you from the mouth of a happy you somewhere in time.

I’ll holla at’cha later.

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