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Life-saving treatments can come with mixed feelings.
The life-saving treatments have been approved -
All of them.  Right after finals, they will be
Performed.  Knowing full-well what that means,
I am both relieved and saddened.  For what I will lose.

My doctor will be out of town.  Other doctors
Will have to do it.  They are scheduled.
I am afraid.  I do not fear them, but instead
Who I will be when I wake up.  I want to be.

Better.  Well.  I want to enjoy what I once did.
How many treatments will it take?  I do not
Know.  I am scheduled for four right now.
Two before Christmas and two after.  Yes.

Today, I did my pre-op physical and electrocardiogram.
Updated the medication list, got the lab results...
All so that I can forget who I am in a few days
And hope that when I wake, life will be better.
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