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Week Three Assignment for The Exploratory Writing Workshop
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Life Changing Event

*Bookstack3*   Writing Lectures   *Bookstack3*

*CheckB*   Please read the following objective discussions BEFORE beginning your writing this week.

*BulletO*  Lecture 6 - "Drawing a Diagram
*BulletO*  Lecture 7 - "A Life Changing Event
*BulletO*  Lecture 8 - "Layering and Subplots
*BulletO*  Lecture 9 - "A Changing Central Character
*BulletO*  Lecture 10 - "Modus Operandi

*Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*

*Penb*  Week Three Writing Assignments  *Penb*

*NoteO*  Practical Exercise #2

This practical exercise comes from Lecture 6.  Use this format to diagram your initial concept of the story line. 

*BulletO*  Post it in "Classroom (Assignment Forum) of EWW as a bitem
*BulletO*  Name the post: PE #2 and your name.

*NoteO*  Vignette Assignment

Write a 1-3K vignette following the prompt and post in the "Classroom (Assignment Forum) of EWWas a bitem.

         *CheckB*   Prompt

It is time to set up the Life Changing Event (LCE).  The pace picks up as the CC is swept into an uptempo of fast moving events.  In the last vignette you showed your CC paddling around in the story world and painted a Before Snapshot of how the CC thinks and operates.  Now show her as a situation develops where she begins to lose control of the well ordered world that once surrounded her. You should already have in mind what the LCE is going to be and where the surge of events is taking her.  Keep in mind that an LCE is not always a huge event but it is always one that sets the CC on a new course in life. Show what the CC's Wants, Needs and Desires (WNDs) are to start off with. In the last vignette you showed inside a box of daily life.  Now you need to show a vibrancy, the urgency of life rushing past. The reader should see unexpected forces propelling the CC towards a crossroads in life.

         *CheckB*   Checklist

Use this checklist to be sure you have included everything.

*BulletO*  Have you developed a supporting character ?
*BulletO*  Have you shown how the CC reacts and deals with it?
*BulletO*  Is there a vibrancy and urgency to what is happening?
*BulletO*  Do we see the Want-Need-Desires acting on the life changing event?
*BulletO*  Do we get a sense of character and some change taking place?
*BulletO*  Does the audience gain insight into how the CC thinks and operates?
*BulletO*  Does the CC perform to character?
*BulletO*  Have you linked your static item for the Character Profile Sketch and Prose Synopsis to your vignette item?

*NoteO*  Lounge Forum Comments

Comment in the "Lounge for Exploratory Writing Workshop on at least two of your colleagues' comprehensive posts. Check to make sure all of your fellow writers have received comments. Make your comments positive and uplifting.  Let Percy be the bearer of sad tidings.

         Remember  *BookStack3*   Learning from each other is an important aspect of a workshop.

*Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*

All aspects of this assignment are due no later than
Thursday, Midnight WDC time.

*Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*

Percy Goodfellow - Workshop Instructor
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