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Week Six Assignment for The Exploratory Writing Workshop
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Crisis #2 (External - the Intermediate)

*Bookstack3*   Writing Lectures   *Bookstack3*

*CheckB*   Please read the following objective discussions BEFORE beginning your writing this week.

Lecture 21 and 22 - "External and Intermediate Crisis
Lecture 23 - "The Dramatic Intensity (Upward) Curve
Lecture 24 and 25 - "Doing the Right Thing – Not There Yet

*Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*

*Penb*  Week Six Writing Assignments  *Penb*

*NoteO*  Practical Exercise #5

After reading the Lectures write a brief synopsis of the Intermediate Crisis.  Make sure it is externally induced. 

*BulletO*  Post in the"Classroom (Assignment Forum) of EWW as a bitem
*BulletO*  Name your post: PE#5 and your name.

*NoteO*  Vignette Assignment

Write a 1-3K vignette following the prompt and post in the "Classroom (Assignment Forum) of EWWas a bitem.

         *CheckB*   Prompt

Take your sheet of paper (your screen) and get ready to begin Phase 2.  This should sound familiar.  Number chapters 11 through 20.  You have already completed vignettes 1, 2, 3, and 7.

Phase 2 will develop the backbone of your novel.  Give each new chapter a name.  This vignette will be Chapter 17. 

This will be about an external hurdle.  You should now have some idea about what comes in the middle of your novel.  In numbering and naming the middle ten chapters you are taking off your tactical hat and donning your operational hat.  Here you are stepping back, looking at the bigger picture and developing the middle span of your novel.  In this vignette you need to show the CC with a clear understanding of the forces confronting them.  Once the numbering and naming are done, put your tactical writing hat back on. 

Your next vignette will represent chapter 17.  A new obstacle or string of adversity has beset the CC.  Show the struggle of the CC, no longer a "rookie" to the struggle of their journey, with a growing confidence born of making progress along the new path they have chosen.  Show him or her in Phase 2 of the struggle. Show the effect this is having on your character.  The reader will continue to follow the CC's progress using the Before Snapshot as a reference point. Show how the CC vanquishes doubt, girds resolve and reaffirms their decision to continue.

         *CheckB*   Checklist

Use this checklist to be sure you have included everything.

*BulletO*  Have you numbered and named Chapters 11 through 20?
*BulletO*  Do you show the CC with a clear understanding of the crisis being faced?
*BulletO*  Is this vignette about Chapter 17?
*BulletO*  Is this an intermediate crisis on the dramatic intensity curve?
*BulletO*  Is it an external roadblock as opposed to a self-imposed blockage?
*BulletO*  Does it challenge resolve and impede the struggle?
*BulletO*  How is the need for change finding expression?
*BulletO*  How is the frustration being expressed and dealt with?
*BulletO*  Show a character in transition but not there yet
*BulletO*  How is this resolve to effect change evidenced?

*NoteO*  Assignment Forum Comments

Comment in the "Classroom (Assignment Forum) of EWW on at least two of your colleagues' comprehensive posts. Check to make sure all of your fellow writers have received comments. Be encouraging.... let Percy be the bearer of bad tidings.

         Remember  *BookStack3*   Learning from each other is an important aspect of a workshop.

*Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*

All aspects of this assignment are due no later than
Thursday, Midnight WDC time.

*Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*          *Vignette5*

Percy Goodfellow - Workshop Instructor
percy goodfellow

*CheckB*   Links to The Exploratory Writing Workshop   *CheckB*

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