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Justin bieber on break now living in tasmania has complicated affair with a familyfriend
Heres a crazy love story thats so messed up you will either love it or hate it,

Justin bieber - the boy who stole a million hearts then broke them when he decided to leave because he wanted his simple life back, and went on a break. The now 18 year old (same age as me) boy who i dreamed about. After he took a break from singing and left the spotlight for tasmania, our parents became good friends. Since then my life has turned upside down. Did i mention that i also have a perfect fiance who i also love who knows that i also love justin and once said before we met him that he was the only celebrity i was aloud to touch. Wow my life is confusing.

I walk into the kitchen to see my family, Mum sitting at the long table, Danielle and Sam standing together talking happily. Could here brandon my fiance talking on the phone in the loungroom.

I walk closer and to my surprise justin bieber is sitting down at the table opposite to mum, talking to danielle. I was in so much shock to see him there. Still after seeing him a fair few times i get so dazzed. I realise justin and danielle are starting to flirt a bit and my agressiveness overpowers the shock and i storm up to Sam, Danielle and Justin and quickly sit as close as possible to him. They all look at me.

I turn my head to justin and lean close.

"do you like her or something." i say quietly but yet danielle and sam seem to hear. He could hear the slight sadness in my voice.

"uh kinda, i think." he replies uncertain.

Ouch. Kinda? Even the little chance of him liking her makes my heart fall to my stomache.

"She's only 16" i say giving him the 'don't go there look'.

Strangely he seemed to all of a sudden forget about her. He looked at me. He wasnt smiling. But you could tell he was happy because of his eyes. They pierced into me with that look of dedication on them. At that point i knew what he wanted and that he had made up his mind.

We both got up not letting each others gaze go as i walked backwords to the hallway, him edging me to walk faster. Not one moment looking away. As soon as we got out of sight he wrapled his arms around me and pushed me hard against the cubourd. I didnt mind. His lips an inch away from mine. I could feel his breath on my lips. It was purely amazing. I just smiled, wanting the moment to just stay

Like that forever with him wrapped around me but i knew that wasnt going to happen as he kissed me, pushing against my lips hard at first then we started kissing softly for a few seconds. That was enough to send my whole body craving him

More. We broke away and he stared into my eyes once again.

At this point i was already inevitably inlove.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me slightly he lead me, almost running to the spare end bedroom.

We went in and he slammed the wooden dore behind us. Not caring about locking it, too caught up in the moment to care. He layed down on the bed, this time i pushed him down deeper onto the bed. Holding him there he had a huge grin on his face and slid his hand through my hair to the back of my head and pulled it towards his. Our faces were almost touching. He put his forehead against mine and wispered " i love you"

Tears in my eyes i told him "i love you too".

Ke kissed me quickly then pulled his shirt of while pulling mine off as well.

We pulled the rest of our clothes off and layed against each other, me ontop of him, he holding me tightly as we gently kissed. His skin was so soft and warm. It was the best thing i ever felt.

He pulled me up more and grabbed my back. I knew what he was going to do. I went along with everything he wanted. I wouldnt of had it any other way.

An hour later after ... Getting dressed we stubbled back down the hallway holding hands with a smile on his face to the kitchen, our legs still slightly wobbly.

I was to relaxed and in my own little world to realise everyone was staring at us as we walked in.

"did you's just have sex?" sam asked sounding a little surprised. Danielle just looking at us casually

Justin just smiled said "yup" and lead me to the loungroom.

Brandon looked at me with a funny look on his face as he knew that this would happen.

2 days later >

Sam, Danielle, Brandon, mum and i were sitting in the loungroom watching tv.

The doorbell rang so i got up and answered it.

It was one of danielles friends who went to the same school as justin. It was 2pm, she had finnished early.

I went to walk her into the loungeroom so she could see danielle but she stopped me.

"justin told me that you two are getting pretty close, and i heard from danielle that you and justin had sex" she whispered in my ear.

I nodded not wanting to speak just incase someone heard.

"did you know that justin and danielle started going out 3 days ago?" she said sounding sorry.

I couldnt say anything. I didnt know what i could say.

Walking up to Danielle i asked "did you and justin start going out the day before we had sex?"

"yeah" she replied calm and casual.

I was gobsmacked. She didnt care.

That night i was to upset to call justin.

The next day after he finnished school he came over. I hid in

My room avoiding him. I heard him walk to the toilet so i peered out my door and saw danielle going in there with him and shutting the door.

Angrily i went to the kitchen. Pacing around wondering weather i should go in there. I had never been so angry in my life. I heard the toilet door open and stood completly still.

Danielle rushed down the hall way tears in her eyes.

" we were just in there cuddling and then he punched me in the face" she said trying not to sound to upset.

" what the hell? What were you two doing in there?" i replied angrily too wrapped up in anger to ask if she was okay.

"we were only hugging and then he did that" she said bitterly

Confused i stood there staring down at the ground. Thinking.

I ran to my room and locked it and hid under the covers and screamed into my pillow. By the time i was ready to confront justin he had left.

The next day >

Justin walked into the house, just as he normaly did like it was his own home. He looked at me and said "come with me"

I followed him into sams room as it was the only quiet room we could talk.

Scared and frustrated i sat down wondering what to say and waiting for him to speak

"i'm sorry " he slowly said. " i just didnt want you to worry. Yes me and danielle started going out the day before you and me had sex But we werent really dating. It was more a friendship thing. We only ever hugged. I wasnt going to touch her. And i didnt really punch her. We started arguing in the toilet about you and i went to open the door and she moved to stop me and i acidently got her." he said sounding so sorry.

Tears started to well up in my eyes because i still felt hurt. The lump in my throat just sat there.

" i went out with her, because i wanted to get closer to you, to have a reason to come around all the time. I couldnt say anything because of brandon though. I love you and have since i first met you"

5days later >

After a few days things calmed down. Brandon, justin and i sorted everything out. The plan was that justin and i were aloud to be together for three months, after that justin would go back to atlanta, go back to selena and start his singing again, Justin would bring selena back to tasmania after a bit and her and brandon were aloud to do what they wanted to make it fair.

1 day later >

Me, justin, brandon, sam and danielle were in the caravan on a road trip up north. It was freezing cold. Me and justin decided to be sneaky while brandon was driving and danielle and sam were watching tv. I wore a skirt. And was sitting ontop of him. He was hard already.

I unzipped his jeans and took "it" out.

It warmed my hand up instantly. We smiled and looked around to make sure no one saw. Justin pulled my undies to the side and went to put it in. It was so warm. I pushed against it but then sam and Danielle got up to get a drink and looked over so we quickly stopped and acted normal.

That was the last day i got to spend with him before he went back to atlanta.

6 months later >

Everything was good.

Justin and selena were holidaying over here for a bit and brandon and i were getting married.

We were all best friends and closer than ever. We all accepted that the four of us would always have a 4 way relationship. It was just like me and selena having two husbands and brandon and justin having two wives.

All in all our life was crazy. But thats just the way we were and it was amazing.

The end.
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