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by trrnix
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we need change
one day people will ask,
why are we poor,
why are we dieing,
why are we starving,
why are we bleeding,
why are we enslaved,
why are our children suffering,
and i will answer honestly,
because we desrve this,
we chose alchol over our children,
we chose sex over love,
we chose greed over generocity,
we chose to take instead of to give,
we chose bloodlust over peace,
we chose racism over acceptance,
we chose lies over honesty,
we chose science over God,
we chose pleasure over help,
we chose ourselves,
we will pay for our trangressions,
somtimes things have to get worse though,
before they can get better,
change is coming,
will we make it ourselves,
or will it be forced upon us?
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