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They were led to Him by a star
*Angel* LED BY A STAR *Angel*

Twinkle, twinkle, big bright star
led three wise men from afar
to where a Savior was born
along a path that was worn.

The star lit up the night.
The angels sang with sheer delight.
The three men marched on, did not complain,
aware that now a new King would reign.

Upon arrival, what a sight was seen!
The infant’s mother looked like a queen.
The child lay nestled in a bed of straw,
and everyone wore smiles of joy, hope, and awe.

The heavenly song of the angels grew louder.
Mother Mary and Joseph could not be prouder
of the Son they knew born to be King,
and of the goodness and happiness He would bring.

The three wise men gazed up at the star
before presenting the King with gifts carried so far.
They had traveled such a long way,
and would never forget this special day.

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