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by Skiez
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An idea that im developing, i hope you can give me some inspiring words that will help fin
On a moon lit night a stallion stood over his mare who had just given birth she and the foal were sleeping.
He watched the two sleeping peacfully he looked at his ebony son curled up to his mothers stomache her head resting
protectivly around him.He looked to the moon and spoke softly thankyou great spirits for blessing me with a healthy
son to carry on my legacy." and continued standing gaurd till the sun finally broke spilling golden rays lighting the
dew on the spring grass up like dimonds. and setting Katalean's copper coat on fire. the younge foal awoke and
stood nudging his mothers stomache hungrily. "My beautiful Kat my sweet our beautiful son is hungery its time to wake
up." he nuzzeled her cheek gently and she opened her eyes and stood shaking off dew that formed on her. the hungary
foal poked his mothers belly till he was greedily. the stallion beamed with pride at his son already so sure of his
legs. but so small he had to strain his neck to drink.
"Izac he is so hungry you would think he was twice his size with how much he eats." she said surprised then
glanced at the grey stallion "your son is going to be a leader. Bless the spirits with full bellies and
safe meadows"
"as they bless us with fine sons" he said head held high "come my love it is time to name our son" he turned
to the foal who had stopped eating the young one looked up at his father with amazement as his father towered over
him, you my son from now until you join the spirits are called Kiezer you are a kiger mustang you are the proud first
born son of Izac and Katalean."
the foal instinctivly understanding the importance of this stood as tall as he could with head held high. he tried
forming the words in his head and spoke his first words "th th thank y y you fa th er," he tried again this time
suceeding "thank you father" the foal looked at his parents who towered above him, amazed at how big they were he
flicked his ears and looked at the world around him wondering what everything in his new world was all he remembered
from his birth was the warmth and smell of his mothers body and the shadow of a tall horse standing above him. He
remembered the earge to stand he watched his mother get up and copied her. he rose shakey at first then stood firm
legs spread slightly out for balance but he had to stand as tall as he could to drink his mothers rich milk he
streached up and drank until he fell asleep. but seeing now the light filled the small clearing he saw the grass
and spring flowers. he sniffed the air and it smelled sweet. the foal play fully kicked out his hind legs and
bounced forward filled with energy and excitment.
"come my son, it is time to meet your family." his fathers voice echoed in his head his voice had sounded
so tiny compared to the deep boom of his fathers voice. his mothers sounded like the birds singing as they woke up.
the stallion turned and his mother fallowed Kie fallowed prancing beside his mother he flicked his tail and held it
up high like his father. they walked out of the small meadow to the rest of the heard there were two mares and one
other foal who was much bigger than he was and was a sandy color with a black mane and tail and nose. "everyone meet
my first born Kiezer"
The two mares, both red bays and the sandy foal came up the bay mares looked at him and spoke to him "greetings young
son of izac, we are glade you have arrived. the one mare who had a star bowed her head "i am Starlight, daughter of
Moon and Carlisa. Kie you may call me Star."
The other mare spoke next "I am silents daughter of Moon and Carlisa. but you may call me sil. my dear little one"
she then looked to katalean with concern in her eyes "he is so small is he going to be able to survive until next spring?"
Kie looked to his mother and saw the same worry "He eats with the hunger of wolves so he should be strong and big by
winter" kie thought about the look the adults had so he was small why wouldnt he live? he was getting angry thinking
of how they doubted him when a small voice interupted his growing anger.
"hello i am Skyla adopted daughter of Izac and Katalean, would you like to play younge prince?"
kie gazed at the filly for a second then gave a playful half rear in her direction."yes i would." he said
excitedly. She nipped him and darted off, he lunged forward streching his legs out and quickly catching up to the
the filly and nipping her flank then he half stopped and spun darting off in anougther direction the filly turned
and tried to catch up but it took her longer, she laid her ears back and started lunging forward she caught up to
his flank and streached to nip him but he changed direction and she faltered and fell in a heap of leg she let out
a surprised whinny and the adults, who had been watching the race looked in astonishment. Kie's father chuckeled
"I think he will be fine" and he smiled at katalean and they nuzzled.
Skyla picked herself up breathing heavily "your fast i need to catch my breath." she lowered her head and
nibbled a piece of grass.
kie noticed everyone staring at him "what? i dont understand why are you staring at me?" he was confused
did he do something wrong? did he hurt Skyla? he shifted his weight nervously "did i do something wrong? Skyla why
dont you want to play some more did you get hurt?" he was concerned and getting frightened he ran to his mother
and hide behind her legs.
she looked down at him "No kiezer they just didnt know how strong and fast you are. I have felt your heart
beating in side me and new you were going to be born a leader and your size is normally a sign of a unhealthy foal,
you just proved that for your size you have a strong heart and a quick mind which is one of the keys to surviving and
i know you are going to make me proud to have birthed a great sire." she nuzzled him and kie felt better but hungry and
started to suckle. Then the younge foal with a full belly curled up in the green grass and fell asleep.

The seasons changed and the two foals grew fast and sure of there legs, the family lived in harmony with nature in there valley. spring and summer were calm as they usally were, for predators were kept full on prey easier to catch. Fall brought many changes along with the changeing of the leaves. The tempratures grew colder and the horses coats grew thicker. The mares weined the younge colt and filly so they were eatting grass.One fall day when the sun warmed the cool air around them, and the leaves had almost all fallen, the two caught there breath after a races around the large pond even though Kie was still smallar than the filly he was still faster. they had raced everyday since thier first race and Kie had always one. His mother had said it was because he had been gifted by the spirits because he had been made small. Ever since he was younge he had been always asking questions and as he looked at hie friend he became aware that she was not Sils foal, as his father had told him yesterday that he would only spend the breeding season with one mare, as it was breeding season again for the herd. Kie looked at the Filly with questions until one finally spilt out and asked, "Skyla, father tought me that he will only sire one foal a sesson for respect of his mare, but if this is true then how could you be here?"

She looked down and thought, " I was born to early in the spring it was just after the snow had melted because my father was younge and i was his first born, like you were. He had made a mistake because the wolves were still hungry from the season of ice. So they were willing to risk attacking my herd, their bellys were empty because they do not eat the grass but they eat those who do. They had snuck up on us while i suckled and the wind carried thier sent away until it was to late. they had already separated my mother and i from the herd. Izac told me that its because i was so young that i was the easiet and my mother was tired from having given birth that they picked us. They chased us until i had to beg my mom to stop i couldnt run any farther i was only a few days old and i was still weak. she brought us to a rocky spot and told me to hide, so i did. She turned to face the three wolves and fought with all she had screaming in rage and pain as they bit her, they yelped when she landed a strike on them. Then out of know where there was Izac, he jumped down from the rocks above as my mother fell when he reared the wolves ran away. I ran to my mothers side as she asked him to care for me begging him. I asked her why he had to look after me, i begged her to get up and she smiled, "my sweet Skyla the spirits have called my name i must go to join there herd. My time is up. This is Izac, even though he is not your father he has promised to care for you he says that a mare he has lost her foal so she will feed you and teach you. Please be brave and proud, and i will be watching over you from above, i love you my sweet" i laid down with her and curled up i told her i am not leaving you mom i want to go with you, but she was gone. Izac looked down and rested his nose on my shoulder and told me that it was time to go. i fallowed unsure of what my life would be like then he gave me to sil and told her my story she said she would love to care for one as pretty as me that is why i joined. and that is why i am here. You are Izac and Kats first born, and i am Izac and Sils first adopted, i guess that means we are both there first." she smiled with a mischecious twinkle in her eye, "And i am going to beat you this time!" the filly dashed off, before Kie had a chance to ask anymore questions.

" No you wont!" Kie shouted as he ran gaining on her as she made the first turn. As he ran he thought about Skylas story. The two had grown close and Kie felt many things for Skyla, but he felt sadness most of all because she was an orphan. He could never imagine losing his parents. His mom was the one who kept him dry when it rained and told him that the bright lights and loud sounds that happened in the sky were nothing to be afraid of unless you were in the open. She had also taught him about love and how to show it freely because there was nothing stronger in life that could ever defeat it. His father taught him that one day he would leave and start a herd of his own and that he was to treat his mares with kindness and respect not to beat them and force them to join, because it made a stronger herd. He told kie stories of the great spirits and how they watched down from the sky at night keeping an eye on horses and giving light at night so predators could be spoted. Also of the great battles of the two mustang brothers that started his kind and the southern mustang. As the pair reached the last corner Kie pasted skyla and galloped towards the tree that marked the end of the race his young musciels showing what a fine black stallion he was growing to be. When they stopped Skyla playfully bit his flank with her ears back showing her displeasure in losing again. Thats when the pair noticed that it started to rain but this time it was different it was colder and slower, they ran to Kies mom. "mom what is wrong with the rain? Is it broken?" he asked concerned. looking up at the grey clouds.

his mother chuckled "no son this is the end of the season of colors this is the season of ice and that is the first snow." it will soon be time for us to wonder to find a new summer home and it is a test from the spirits to see how strong you two are. many young horses do not survive this season if they are not strong enough, food becomes scarse and the predators become hungry. this is your most important test and the lessons you learn are important and ones you should never forget." she looked at the worry on the faces of the two and smiled "you two are strong and spirits providing you will survive it and survive many more before your times are up." seeing the two relax she told them to go play as there was no danger and she wanted to eat more of the grass before it froze completly.

"Wow, Skyla! look at it it tickles the nose!" Kie had his head raised and the snowflakes which were getting bigger landed in his nostrals. She let out a giggle and nipped him, before bounding away. " i see i am it but for how long my dear!" he chased after her in a game of tag. As the snow began to get worse, they went back to there mothers and the herd huddled together for warmth as the winds picked up and the cold grew worse, and the flakes fell transforming the valley white, and as mysterious as the day Kie first looked on it. The next morning the snow was deep and his father taught him how to paw the snow to expose the grass. and then he told the colt that they had to move to where there was tallar stocks of grass ones that would keep them fed, he also told him that they shouldnt run unless it was from danger because the snow was dangerous.

"The snow covers holes that you could fall into as well as branches that can get tangled in your legs, and tire you. Now you will also feel the pains of your stomache hunger for food will run out because it dose not grow for now. as well as together you are warm and safe, apart you are prey, this is the laws of winter." the stallions lessons had been growing short like these and he looked at Kie differently, his mother told him that it was because he was a male, and one day he would be have to leave the herd to start his own.

"How long until then mother?" Kie was scared that it would be soon, but his mother assured him that it would be when he was old enough to scent a mare. "what is scent a mare?" she just told him you will know when the time comes".

to be continued.......

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