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by adamB
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an old story that kinda is non-cannon now as i have changed some characters
"Alone, never thought that I would be living like this! one moment I am living the dream life, next I have been rejected out of my own city into the wilderness"... out in the thick wood's there was a buzzing, followed shortly by a light 'tap' as Anna landed on one of the branches of the great wood oak, her wings glistening in the sunlight, the light refracting in a multi coloured flash of brilliance. A crude rifle slung across her shoulder looking like it had seen better days. Being a Terrabethean she looked mostly human but with glossy yellow armour plating instead of hair and wings spanning 8ft from tip to tip. She folded her wings down out of the way as she crouched. Not much happened in the jungle; apart from on that day a man in a long cloak was walking down the game trail his face obscured by the hood of the cloak. As he walked past, Anna watched him closely, dropped down to the forest floor and followed silently. She followed him to a clearing, where the man had sat down on the rear ramp of a huge space fighter. it was massive with a cargo hold the size of a house and wings taking up the whole clearing. When suddenly the man said" I know you are there! I can sense you at the edge of the clearing. Don't be scared, I won't hurt you."
Anna stood completely still, for a moment, then gingerly stepped out of the bushes. The man stood there looking at her, eyes glinting from under his hood .“ah, there you are. My name is Adam." He pulled his hood down and bowed, she could see Adam's face he looked like he was quite young, he had dark blond hair and light blue eyes, but the strange thing was that he stood 8ft tall and was wearing something similar to steel armour and camouflage.
She went and sat down next to him and said “I am Anna, what are you? I have never seen your kind before!"
This clearly stumped him, as he said "I am an Orion, don't worry I don't bite. So are you just out hunting?”
She looked at him uneasily and Adam could tell he should not have asked.
Something didn't feel right, Adam could feel it too as he stood up and drew his pistol and sword.
hen it came a piercing screech as a pack of viperoids came leaping out of the undergrowth, there large insectoid pincers flashing in the sun with morbid delight. Before Anna could react a viperoid had pounced on her, but before it could sink its mandibles her there was an almighty bang and the viperoid's head exploded. Adam was stood there smoke rising out of the barrel of his pistol. As a viperoid jumped at him his sword split the creature in half with a shower of blood and gore. There was a another bang as Anna shot at a viperoid that was going for her neck. There was then a series of gunshots ring across the landscape as Adam emptied the entire clip in his gun into the pack of viperoids and Anna shot at some of the viperoids and with this the viperoids scattered.

Then all went silent as they stood there back to back panting, Adam then said"well are you going to answer my question or not?" He then chuckled and waited for Anna to reply.
When she did she said “I am a disgrace to my people, I could not perform the duty that my people expected. I could not find a mate and I could not control the hive as I should have been able to, so one of the other queens decided to take over my hive city by force, she had my guards killed and I only just escaped death and if I was to go back to any of the hives I would be killed on site. Since then I have been wandering around the jungle scavenging food and weaponry so I could survive ”.
As Adam sat there listening to her story, he felt as if he was attached to her. And when her story stopped he was doing something he had never done before, he was crying, he had not even cried when his entire race was destroyed in the war with the dragon but yet her he was crying.
She looked at him concerned “are you ok?” she said.
He then replied “Yes I am ok, it’s just that your life has been a reminder of why I am here. You see I am an outcast no one on my planet want’s me there so I left, because I was different like you are different to your race. I was born to an average family but I was no where near normal I could do things other people could not and this scared them because I didn't think like them, I hadn't seen things like they did and most of all I could reach into other people's minds and see their intentions so the exiled me when they deemed that I was able to fend for myself, but I suppose I was lucky, shortly after my exile my race was destroyed in a war, no survivors. After that I built this ship and traveled the galaxy and saw how barren it was until I came here, looking for company so I would not be driven insane by my isolation.”
This made Anna think, if she could travel with Adam she would not be alone any more. by now Adam's droids had started to wonder where he was, so 2 of them came looking for him; X-5 an 8 foot tall, heavy built battle droid with grey body panels and X-6 his counterpart a slim, blue and white, 7 foot 6 inches tall medical droid with a feminine shape, came walking down the ramp.
"Adam when will we be leaving?" X-5 said
"soon, we will be leaving soon. and X-5 please load these supplies onto the ship." adam said while gesturing at all the crates scattered around. "Do you want to come with us? we are heading home to our base, its a nice place, I call it the ark, it has as many species I could rescue from my home world there in huge bio-domes that cover the entire moon."
"yes please! I would do anything to get away from this hell hole."
She sat next to him and gave him a hug he could feel her mind reaching out to him. He hugged her back as his mind touched hers and they both instantly understood each other on a profound level and were able to communicate with telepathy, he stood up and extended his hand to her as she stood up
"Then let me take you on an adventure!" Adam said using telepathy.
and they walked to the space fighter without saying a word but saying everything at once. She had changed, she had gotten taller, she was about the same height as Adam, and her face had changed, it was sharper, her cheek bones more prominent, she had also become slightly leaner. She had found someone to confide in and to like not for what he had done, but because who he was; she had found her soulmate, her mate for life.
Adam was not shocked, knowing what had happened and that he had found his soulmate, his true companion for life. She looked at him shyly, "you need a shower" he added in a teasing tone as he kissed her. They walked up the ramp into the ship, as the ramp closed the engines started and the ship took off flying higher and higher into space and left the solar system heading for a small moon at the edge of the galaxy. And so the door slammed shut, never to be opened again!
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