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On the death of a friend.
I first saw you with a little bag, the naughty boy, the newcomer in a new school, trying to bunk the classes.

You tried to split your hair, the very same style you managed to etch into our memories.

The times we spent at your house during recess.

I remember how much you loved to eat tomatoes, the tomato ice-creams.

When I said my dad looked like Sunil Dutt, you said your dad looked like Amitabh Bacchan.

The time you and I got into a fight with the ladies, I was just giving you company then.

You were smooth with the girls. How I envied that.

We tried taking guitar lessons together, you lasted one day. I still play that same old guitar.

You even allowed me to take your dad's AC/DC and Deep Purple cassettes without asking him.

I still have those with me, buddy.

You introduced me to a lot of things and you introduced happiness to me without me even asking for it.

Thanks a million.

Many a time you were a pain in the ass but who cared? We had each other.

We were just seventeen and you went away forever without saying our goodbyes, unannounced.

I thought we were destined to conquer the world together.

It takes a lot to break a Changkiri's heart but dear friend your sudden departure broke the heart inside of me.

I cried like a baby.

You are a constant companion in my dreams.

I know you miss me.

I miss you too..

I have moved on but life is not the same anymore with you gone.

But one thing's for sure, you are still my dear friend, one of the dearests.

You are still our Lembakba. You are still my temba. Rest in peace, temba.

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