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by Kai
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Sci-fi · #1832154
The prologue to the story of my OC, Eden Wise. Full description on my deviantART.
Sigmond Genetic Technology was founded in the late 2060's by Jonah Sigmond to create living organisms for specific purposes, mainly in the medical field. Because of the fact that these organisms were meant specifically for their intended purpose, and not based off of any existing organism, many considered it to be humane. Sigmond Genetics was awarded many times over the years for its many advances in genetic research, including its breakthrough in finding a total cure for Down Syndrome in the early 2080's.

Eighty years later, Sigmond Genetics, now run by Jonah Sigmond's son, Allan Sigmond, is now a multi-billion dollar corporation, with its value much higher than Microsoft Inc as a whole.

June 4, 2143.

In June of 2143, Sigmond Genetic Technology was commissioned by the government to do a project it has never taken on in its eighty years of existence: to create the perfect soldier, one who has superhuman strength, agility and stamina, extremely sharp senses and fast reflexes, to be able to kill efficiently, and whose brain is programmed to never disobey any order. Sigmond Genetics was given a grant of $6.5 billion dollars to start off the project that lasted for fifteen years, in its quest to create a superhuman soldier.

The project, dubbed Project Superior, was perfect. It created fifty test soldiers that met the criteria of the project, being able to display superhuman abilities. All fifty couldn't disobey a single order given to them. If told to pick up an apple from a table, they all picked up an apple from a table. If told to stand in one place for a while, they will stand in one place until told to do something else.

November 12, 2158.

In November of 2158, the government that commissioned Sigmond Genetics was asked to come check on the progress of the long project, and they did. The representatives who came to visit the corporation watched a performance put on by the soldiers, all of them performing three basic tasks: to pick up an object, to sit down, and to stand at attention. All fifty soldiers performed each task without question, and all did well. The government was very impressed by the progress that Sigmond Genetics did with the project. Sigmond Genetics wanted to finish up the project, waiting three more years until the soldiers were eighteen before being implemented as a special unit in the military.

Sigmond Genetics, however, did not know they made a mistake with one soldier.

She was not modified with the ability to obey all orders.

She could think for herself, and make her own decisions.

Combined with the fact that she had the same superhuman abilities of the other soldiers, she was a dangerous weapon.

But she stayed hidden amongst the other forty-nine soldiers, being like every other soldier, and turning eighteen like all of them.

This flawed soldier was supposed to be removed from the project, and her very existence was to be erased.

But she escaped before they could do anything to her.

I am Eden Wise.

And I was that soldier.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1832154