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My personal take on wars.
What does one war lead to? More wars. Proof? Here's how I prove it my way. Humans have been given the power of reasoning and to decide and act on what is good and what's not good. We are even given the ability to disengage our hearts and act on our wishes, devoid of feelings, totally disconnected from the way of the heart. What do you get when you assemble a company of men sans hearts? More men are born out of that without their hearts and go berserk on rampages. Now what is war? Right, war is an act of heartless misadventure. You have two equations now and solving the two we get that wars = more wars. I know it’s complicated but just hang on. Enough of the proof thingy.

While we are sitting here comfortably within our green zones, there's a mother out there searching for her daughter only to find her caught dirty in between a sniper's heartbeats. There's a father out there searching for his son. He finds only a shoe, now crimson. Sons and daughters searching for their families. Innocent bystanders falling victim to stray bullets. Half burnt bodies. Feet. Arms. Guts. And of course the putrid smell of blood...not to mention the complete obliteration of the geography and the utter chaos. As if it were a World Cup match, we are rooting for the US-led coalition and downing vodka shots every time the Allies strike rich, right? Shouting "Halleluyah" every time Israel fires missiles into Palestine, yeah? I admit I have also done so but not so anymore. Lemme be straight, war is not at all cool so are those disposed to wars.

Let’s try and come up with the number of wars that has led to positive results. Alright, I think its two. No wait! Its one. Sorry I can't count even one. Not even a single war in history has taken place with man saying “Hmm. This war was pretty good, aye? No casualties. No bloodshed. We even have better governance now. I think we need to have more wars.” The two World Wars and the thousands of wars before that, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Operation: Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, the Iraq War and now Libya. It is evident that time and history have not always been on our side.

Of course, one can argue that the World Wars got rid of Hitler and liberated the Jews or that the US stopped the Vietcong from taking over Vietnam and preaching Communist ideology and spreading the propaganda or that they got rid of Saddam or that the Taliban rule in Afghanistan has been brought to a standstill after being toppled. Yeah but what did they gamble on the whole time? Human lives. Like that’s not enough, what are the outcomes? Certainly everyday guerrilla warfare, suicide bombings et al are not positive signs. And it sure is not stability either. The price paid for the whole asinine drama has been in the form of thousands of lives, if not millions.

Let’s look at it from another perspective. From the lives of those that had been in the fields first hand. Some wants to support the family. Some wants to serve their country. Some joins the forces just for the sheer sake of pumping bullets into every little moving thing. But anyhow they join the army. The war goes on, some are killed, and some lucky ones make it through the war. But have we really thought about the thousands of soldiers heading off to rehabs or trauma centers or that hundreds of them end up with shrinks? Just the amount of psychological pressures and instabilities are exceedingly high. Way beyond the human threshold level.

But every time the "Make Love, Not War" people are overruled by popular votes. I'm not talking numbers but rather the hands that roll the dice. The US government spent $685.1 billion for their armed forces during the year 2009-2010. The military budget for the year 2012 is $1.030–$1.415 trillion. That accounts for approximately 40% of global arms spending and is over six times larger than the military budget of China...forget India. Ours is child's play, a giveaway slice. Isn’t it about time the world's most powerful nation spend it on aid-missions, fighting poverty, providing food, water and all that...for real? For real I mean.

Just like Maz Jobrani said, I also wish that every time there's a war, Ashton Kutcher would appear outta nowhere and say "You've just been punked!!"..Or how about every time there's a "boom" and a "bang", a director would stand and say "...and cut!!"...or how about the guns shooting rose petals or even better, grass! Wouldn't it be super cool? Bush and bin Laden hanging out together, all trippy and sozzled...Israel and Palestine "liking" their statuses in facebook...Gaddafi throwing bunga-bunga parties for the rebels. In a way Berlusconi is on the right track. He got his own problems though.

Dear readers, make no mistake though. I represent no one nor do I speak for any group. I'm just here voicing my views. I'm no scholar either. The issue in hand is quite controversial and is debatable for eons. Any constructive criticisms or suggestions are more than welcome.

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