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A little Angel mischief...
        "Yawn." Titiana Nagro scratched her knee. It had been a long day of
    observation. How many souls would attain Nirvana was literally in her control.
    She was a Muse. But, not omnipotent. She needed to rest.

        "This is so typical. I give them an idea for limitless energy and they
    want to make a bomb. Stupid." Titiana wrapped her falcon wings around herself.
    A muse could be dangerous when misunderstood. A darkness came over her.
    "So. You want to blow things up? Well, I'll give you a Big Bang." she smirked.

        "Ehm. I don't want to offend, but they're just human. They haven't figured
    out multidimensional music." Winkin fluttered up in front of Titiana's sapphire eyes.
    Titiana smiled with delight, "Oh, bless my stars, a Faery. I love you."
    Winkin kissed Titiana smooth copper skin. "Thanks. Please don't blow up GIA."
    Winkin begged. A Faery, even Winkin with all her powers, was no match for
    an Angel.

      Titiana Nagro rose from her Buddha position and spread her wings out.
    Winkin braced herself for a hurricane. Titiana reached upward to Heaven
    and spoke with three voices,
            "All the religious orders will be corrupted in the name of science.
            Except one, the rule of which will be severe. As a result most painful
            anarchy will follow within the faithful. THREE POPES WILL VIE FOR
            THE THRONE, one German, one Italian and another Greek. They will
            all be suppressed by a Savior from the East with two Angels, leading
            three armies, one yellow, one red and one Persian."

      Winkin looked up at the Angel with sorrow, "Will GIA die?"

    Titiana Nagro squatted with her arms bent and the palms of her six hands
    upward. The Angel's head moved side to side. "GIA will be restored to her
    full beauty." she answered in three voices.

      Winkin clapped her tiny hands, "That is good news!" The little Faery played
    her flute for Titiana. And the Angel danced putting one foot up and then moving
    her head side to side, and then putting the foot down and raising the other
    with the head moving side to side.

        As the Angel danced the human scientists declared they had found the
    God particle and that there was no need for God. Thunder rumbled through
    the 9 Heavens. Titiana laughed and shed a golden tear for humanity's
    tribulations. Winkin swallowed her breath as the Angel roared, with the
    roar of a loin, a tiger and an elephant:

              "Wicked will be their masters! For the year of the Goat is guile and
              treachery! France will receive no human assistance. She will be
              helpless before the Persian King. There will be little work for the
              farmers as the land is blighted. There will be earthquakes and signs
              in the Sun. Darkness will cover the Earth."

    Winkin covered her head in fearful reverence. Titaina picked the tiny Faery
    up in her left third hand and blew a sweet breath of roses upon her trembling
    naked frame. "You will not be harmed. You are an elemental spirit." the Angel
    whispered. Winkin took her hands off of her eyes and looked up at the Angel
    with a broad smile. "Play me your flute and let us make merry." the muse
    returned to Titiana and she began to dance again to Winkin's flute.

    Winkin giggled.. .

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