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Poem about my bff hurting.
Its 85 degrees…you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt

You think I didn’t notice

You’re wrong

I noticed

Along with the entire school

But don’t worry, they won’t tell

They’re too stupid and busy to care

But not me

No, not me

I may be stupid and busy but I care

Seems like one of us should

I mean

If it can’t be you it’s gotta me right

That’s what I thought

But I seem to think a lot of things

Like last time when you said you were cold

Or the time before that when you blamed the dog

I see the scars

I see the bruises

I’m not as stupid as the rest of them

They can’t see past your lies

But I can

I do


Just don’t think you’re fooling me

Cause you aren’t

I’ve seen her walking down the street

I wonder how she can live with hurting you

Like I wonder how you can live with hurting you

Is it hard to see yourself

Covered in the scars of a secret battle

A battle you don’t need to fight

At least not alone

Let someone help you

Let me help you

It’s not too late

This can still be fixed

Scars heal

So can you

But you wave it off

Put on a fake smile and march home

Tears fill my eyes for what you endure

At the hands of others

And of yourself

Then that boy drops you off at school the next day

You have another bruise

I saw it before you pulled your sleeve down

I saw him hit before you got out of the car

I’m not stupid

I’m not blind

You blame it on yourself

You say he was just angry

You promise it won’t happen again

Why do you lie to me

Why do you tell me things that even you don’t believe

Why won’t you let me help you

You beg me to stay quiet

Don’t you see how much it hurts me

But you continue to plead

So I agree

Cause I would do anything for you

So I don’t say anything in 1st period

Or 2nd

Or 3rd

Or 4th

Or 5th

During lunch he comes and eats with us

I try not to hurl when you kiss

I can’t

I streak to the bathroom

And vomit all my fears in the sink

My tears follow down the drain

That’s how I feel


When I return you’re gone

I know where you went

Everyone does

No one speaks

By the end of lunch the trash is full of untouched food

You don’t come back in 6th period

Or 7th

After school you appear suddenly

Your face is red

Your eyes shine with unshed tears

You make sure I won’t tell anyone

You say you can handle it

But you can’t

Cause he grabs your arm and drags you to his car

And you’re gone again

It’s a long night

When I see you the next day I gasp

Your shoulder is bruised now

I can’t look at you

Or hold down my breakfast

I decide to tell someone

An adult

Because I love you

Cause I would do anything for you

But I won’t do nothing

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