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It's just the intro.
You can't make up nights like this. That's all I kept thinking over and over. I was with two of my best friends Eddie and Ben. Everyone else was already passed out in the tent. "I can't do it," I whined.
"Yes you can," Ben pleaded with me, "you know you can. Stop being a pussy."
"Fuck," was all i managed to say. I knew I had to do it. I could feel the warmth of the fire by my legs. The sun was already up, and we were the last ones standing. "-But with river water...Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with us," I said before I chugged what was left of the vodlka and chased it with the nasty ass non clear water. We had made a journey to the creek when we ran out of soda to re-fill up the two liter with the water. We were covered in cuts and scratches, but that's the amazing part of being drunk off your ass. You feel no pain, and if you do you are too drunk to give a shit. I gagged. My throat burned, and the taste of voldka and dirt filled my mouth.

It felt like i blinked. I was walking by myself. I do not even know how my legs had been moving. Why was I walking? Where the fuck was I? I slowed down. I could see a tent further up. It looked familiar. I know I had been there before. It was the campsite. What the fuck happened? Before I could even try to come up with an answer my foot got caught on something and, I faceplanted the ground. All I could manage to do was let out a moan and roll to my back. Why does this shit always happen to me. My chin was throbbing. I rubbed my hand against it. Of course it was bleeding. Who the hell cuts open their chin. I just laid there refusing to move for a second. I looked up at the trees that were looking down at me. "Can you tell me what happened," I asked them as if they would answer me. It was silent for a moment before the wind rustled the leaves as if they were trying to tell me. "It's okay. I know you would if you could." Maybe I'll never get up, but I knew I would. I wanted to know what the hell happened last night.

I reached my hands to my side and slowly sat up. I felt like I had the ultimate hangover. My head was pounding, my throat was dry, and the sick turning in my stomach was not going away. All this on top of my now throbbing chin. Getting up seemed like torture, but I knew I had to. I need to stop drinking so much. It was never good when I blacked out. Who knows the crazy shit I could of done last night. My mind flashed back to last Valentines Day when I apparently flashed everyone in the livingroom and peed on the bathroom floor. "Fuck," was all I could manage to say. I really need to stop drinking. My drunk ass probably went to go to the bathroom, and reality just snapped back into me when I was on my way back. Yet as I thought this, l could not seem to shake off that uneasy feeling.

I finally forced myself to stand up and starting walking again this time paying more attention to where I stepped. The campsite was still a ways, but I could see the smoke from the fire. That meant most likely someone was up. Thank god they could tell me what happened. I was almost there. I could hear the crackling of the fire, some birds chirping, and russling in the bushes.

I licked my lips. My mouth was too dry. A class of crystal clear water with ice sounded too amazing. I knew it was only a pipe dream though. We were at least an hour drive from civilization, and we had no more food and nothing to drink except creek water.

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