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It is exactly how it sounds.(Note: Added Omega!)
Name: Eve Willows
Real Name: Eve Willows
Age: 24

Theme: Runaway(Otomedius Excellent)

VA: Mandy Clark(ENG), Mai Nakahara(JPN)

Health: 860,000

Ability: 4th Wall-Breaker/Adaptability
Bio: Abandoned at birth, Eve had to grow up mentally in her younger years. She learned how to fight by playing video games and reading comic books. At age 19, Eve found out about her powers by accident. After she found out, Eve decided to wander the world. She soon found friends(In order: Kikiko, Sei, and Astra. By a twist of fate though, They found themselves in Earth-96169 by sheer dumb luck. Eve, seeing her favorite heroes and villains battling each other, decided that she will try to live in this world. Not having any choice, her friends followed.

Intro: Eve looks at her friends before they disappear from sight. Then, she goes into her battle stance.
Lines: "Let's do this." "Yahoo!"
Special Intros:
Hiryu: "Where were you last game?"
Hulk, Sentinel, or Nemesis: (In a scared tone) "Mother."
Phoenix Wright: "Am I in trouble?"
Rocket Raccoon: "Little guy, big mouth."
Spencer: "Go Go Go! Bionic!"
Deadpool: "You see them too!?"
Firebrand: "Annoying as ever, I see."
Frank West: "The man that covered wars, right?"
M.O.D.O.K: "Talk about a big head."
Felicia: "KITTY!!"
Wesker: "Do you get your ideas form comic book villains?"
Zero: "Where's MegaMan?"
Haggar: "Greatest. Mayor. EVER!!"
Arthur: "Sorry Arthur, but your princess is in another castle!"
Galactus: "You don't belong in this world!"

Playstyle: Eve is considered to be a Oddball kind of character. She is kinda like Jin and Utsuho, but combined with unpredictability, Eve can be quite a fearsome opponent. (Note: She has a double jump, a quick ground dash, and an air dash.)

Command Normals:
Down+Light(Air Only): Drill Spin: Eve spins her feet in a screw-like motion. /Similar to SSB Mario.
Mash any Attack Button(Air Only): Gnarly Combo: Eve punches and can be comboed into her TAC. /Her Air Joe, if you will.
Forward+Heavy(Ground Only): Front Runner: Eve headbutts forward. /Used to extend combos, and to cover more distance than her ground dash. (But not as fast as her ground dash.)

Special moves:
QCF+A(Air OK): Rocket Punch: Eve charges up, and lets out a rocket punch. /Very durable. L=Forward. M=45 degree angle. H(Assist 1)=negative 45 degree angle. (Note: Can hit OTG.) /Same in the air.
QCB+L or M(Air OK): Tornado Spin: Eve spins around similar to Mario & Luigi's Down-B's from SSB /Excellent for continuing combos. (Assist 2)
QCB+H: Power Punch: Eve charges up a powerful punch/ unsafe if blocked./ causes a wall-bounce if it hits on the ground(Ground-bounce if its in the air).
DP+L(Ground Only): Power Stone: Eve puts her hand down on the ground and a stone hand pops out.(If it connects, It stops them in place, allowing a free shot.) /Quick speed, but travels along the ground. (Assist 3)
DP+M(Ground Only): Typhoon Dynamite: Eve spins around in place, a tornado obviously seen. /Expy of Jin's.
DP+H: Chainsaw Whip: Eve uses her whip and makes it spin around in a circle 6 times. /Combo ender, can hit OTG, and can be canceled into a Hyper.
DP+L(Air Only): Dive Claw: Eve slams down back to the ground. /Command grab, good for resets.
DP+M(Air Only): Wild Drop: Eve grabs the opponent in midair and slams them down to the ground in a Spinning Piledriver fashion. /Comboable with any aerial moves.

S+QCF: Summon: Sei: As Eve yells out "Help!", Sei(OC) appears spinning across the stage with her sword twice(forward and backward.) /(Costs half a hyper bar to use.) Quickest of the three, holds the opponent in place for 2 seconds.
S+QCB: Summon: Kikiko: As Eve yells out "Help!", Kikiko(OC) appears unleashing a Kamehameha. (Costs half a hyper bar to use.) Slowest of the three, but the beam has more durability than Doctor Doom's.
S+DP: Summon: Astra: As Eve yells out "Help!", Astra(OC) appears before rushing the enemy with a wave(around her) of nuclear fusion. /(Costs half a hyper bar to use.) Medium speed of the three, very useful, extends combos.

Hyper Combos:
QCF+2 Attacks: "Super Hadouken" (Level 1): "Try this!" Eve shoots out a HUGE blast from her hands /Can't aim it like Ryu/Akuma, but is stronger than theirs.
QCB+2 Attacks: "Wild Combination" (Level 1): "Let's rock!" Eve rushes at the opponent before she grabs them, headbutts their chest throws them, and then does a Power Punch before finishing this attack. /This move can be comboed into.
DP+2 Attacks: "Captain Sword" (Level 1): "CAPTAIN..." Eve, Sei, Astra, and Kikiko summon a HUGE sword in their hands, "SWORD!" before slamming it down on the opponent. /Exactly like Captain Commando's(You can even see his(and team's) silhouette during the attack.
HCF(or)HCB+2 Attacks: "A Hero's Tale" (Level 3) : "A little help here" Eve does a flying kick(if it connects Sei will start slashing at the opponent, "Too slow!" before she sends them to Kikiko, "Your turn!" "O.K!" as Kikiko punches them 30 times before send them to Astra, "Astra!" "Here goes!" as then proceeds to beat them with her wings before throwing them up into the air "THIS..." as she then throws Eve to the opponent "...IS IT!" Eve finishes as she delivers a axe kick, ending the hyper combo. /Quick speed, but incredibly unsafe if blocked.

Call Names:
Strider Hiryu: "Josh!"
Felicia: "Kitty!"
Phoenix Wright: "Viral!"
Firebrand "Red Blaze!"
Ghost Rider "Johnny Bravo!"
Nemesis: "Nemmy!"
Super Skrull: "Snively!"
Chris: "Ezio!"
Ryu: "Kamina!"
Nova: "SARDINES!!"
Deadpool: "SPACE!!"
Crimson Viper: "Etna!"
X-23: "Laura!"
Doctor Doom: "Have some Yogurt!"
Iron Fist: "Robin!"
Frank West: "Dark Specter!"
Zero: "Nero!"
M.O.D.O.K: "Riddler!"
Wolverine: "Lord Zedd!"
Phoenix: "Trishka!"
Arthur: "Jagi!"

Defeat Quotes:
(beaten by a light attack): "Ugh...1-uped again..."
(beaten by a heavy attack): "SON OF A...!"

Victory: Eve pulls a thumbs up before her friends appear, trying to hog the spotlight.
Victory Quotes:"Mission Complete!"
"Just like that!"
"You guys did NOT help out!"

Special Victory Quotes:
Strider Hiryu: "Believe it! Just kidding!"
Rocket Raccoon: "Violent little critter, huh?"

Name: Omega
Real Name: Omega
Age: Unknown
Theme: Final Demise (Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) OR VS The Magician(House of the Dead 2)
VA: Laura Bailey(ENG) / Fumiko Orikasa(JAP)
Powers: ?
Bio: A powerful entity from another world, Omega's past is lost in time. Omega's not really a evil person, just resentful. She found this world after following Eve. You see, Omega is not a god as many believe. She's just a powerful being. In order for her to restore her full power and her body, she must sacrifice a girl born from her bloodline. This girl is Eve. She won't rest until she gets her body back.

HP: 900,630

Playstyle: Omega can be considered a mixture of Nemesis, Wolverine, & Ghost Rider. Omega may be a big target, but she can be a danger in any range. In other words, when fighting her, BE CAREFUL!!!

Intro: Omega drops down feet first, and gets into her battle stance.

Quotes: *Laughs* / "Try to stay alive!" / "I'm tougher than either Onslaught & Abyss combined!"

Special Quotes:
Wesker: "You, a god? Don't make me laugh!"
(To Omega): "A shame that someone that shares my ideals fights against me."
Doctor Doom: "Why don't you just eat some yogurt or something?"
(To Omega): "You are foolish to tell me what to do!"
Dormammu & Shuma-Gorath: "Finally, a real challenger!"
Dormmamu(To Omega): "A fallen goddess shall not defeat me."
Shuma-Gorath(To Omega): *Surprised* "A goddess! I think I found my mate!"
Hsien-Ko: "I don't suppose you say "BRAINS!", do ya?"
Deadpool: *Sighs* "Of all the people, why The Merc with a Mouth!?"
(To Omega): "Here comes a New Challenger!"
Eve: "At last! I'm finally getting back my power!"
(To Omega): "Let's end this, Omega!"
Kaizo: "Stay out of my way!"
Gilgamesh: "Let's fight, like gentlefolks."(Gentlemen and gentlewomen)
(To Omega): "Y-You don't happen to know Exdeath, do you?!"

(Note: The next few characters are characters I've done Blogs/Movesets for Marvel vs Capcom Wiki(I even gave them(Along with others) a special page JUST for them. With that out of the way)...
Mima: "A little ghost thinks they can be me?*Chuckles*
(To Omega): *Angry* "I am not a ghost!"
Yukari Yakumo: "Bring it on, Babaa!"(Babaa is Japanese for "old hag")
(To Omega): *Giggles darkly* "The little wolf has a death wish for calling me that."
Bass.EXE: *Confused* "What the hell is a "Navi?"
Vile: "A loose cannon like you? Don't make me laugh!"
Bowser: "I know what it's like to lose something you love."

Special Moves:

Hold Atk Button: Neo-Buster: Omega charges up a blast, before unleashing it in the form of a blast from her left hand. /This move may not do that much damage, but it has a lot of durability.
Forward, Forward, Forward+H: Giga Punch: Omega takes a step forward, her hand balled into a fist, and unleashes a powerful punch that explodes. /The hitbox of the explosion covers 1/8 of the screen. Causes wall-bounce on hit. (Assist 1)
QCF+L or M(Air OK): Shark Bite: Omega turns her right hand into a shark's head, then punches in a direction, while the head is chomping. /By far one of the most useful moves Omega can use; L=forward, M=45 degree angle. In the air, L makes her punch forward, M in a negative 45 degree angle(Hits OTG.)
QCF+H(Air OK): Hell Blast: Omega smashes down with her right fist. 4 spike pillars jut out in front of her /Hits OTG and if timed right, can be comboed into her launcher.(Assist 2)
QCB+L or M(Air OK): Jump: Omega uses her wings to jump upwards, then land crashing down onto the ground. /L makes her jump forwards, M=backwards. Both versions cover 1/4 of the screen.
QCB+H: Spiral Suplex: Omega charges up both of her hands in a familiar green glow and reaches out to grab the opponent. (If it connects, she proceeds to knee them in the gut 12 times, followed by a suplex, then a knee-drop.) /Command grab, has 1 hit of super armor, combos like Ghost Rider's Conviction Slam.
DP+L: Kai Upper: Omega does a Shoryuken-like uppercut, followed by a axe kick. /Excellent anti-air, combos pretty well, causes a ground-bounce(Assist 3)
DP+M or H: Gotcha Now!: Omega turns her back, if the opponent hits her with a physical attack(M version), she turns back around, grabs the opponent, then headbutts them, causing dizziness for 4 seconds. OR if the opponent hits her with a projectile(H version), she jumps up, lands on the opponent, stomps on them a few times, before kicking them away. /Her most deadly attack by far, use this move as a way to say "Back off!" or to stop rushdown-type characters trying to mix you up.

Hyper Combos:
QCF+2 Attacks(Air OK): Laser Cannon(Level 1): "Ready? Aim...", Omega's right hand turn into a Mega Buster "...FIRE!" before unleashing a blast of energy. /Can be angled. Can hit OTG if used in the air and angled downwards. (20 hits) (310,000)
QCB+2 Attacks: Spin City(Level 1): "Round and Round I go!" Omega spins in a top-like fashion, creating a suck-in effect. /Easily her best Hyper, this is best used at the end of combos. (50 hits) (340,000)
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