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critique of modern mans inhabilty to survive
These days we are bombarded with images of what a man should be everywhere we look, on bilboards on tv, everywhere.
Grow up, get a job, be a man....this is what is expected of me and everyone else. In our society being a man is defined by wiether or not you can provide for your family or not yet there i an underlying problem with this in that most "men" would not know how to provide for their families if all the material structures of this world were no longer existing. If being a man by our cultural standards is going to work all day doing work i despise coming home late at night too tired and pissed off to even look at my kids let alone talk to them and so dejected and humiliated by having to grovel at the feet of morrons who happen to be my supperiors that i cant even manage holding a discusion with my wife without getting violent and don't even think about making love to my wife i have to go to bed so early to get up tomorw for the next round of degradation. Is this what being a man is? There is no longer any time for comminucation and self realization that most people have no idea who they are married too, hve no idea what kind of little kids they are "raising"(if you can call shuving into babysitters 5 days a week raising") and most of all have no idea who they are themselves...Somewhere along the line we all lost something, ourselves. If everything we know was taken away today and were forced to provide for our families the way nature intended by hunting and gathering we would all be dead within 3 to 4 days...No body knows how to make fires without fire starting implements, no one knows how to hunt(other than those fucking pricks who hunt for sport to stroke their egos and throw away all the meat and keep the head to show how big their fucking dicks are) no one would be able to dress an animal and prepare it for cooking without poinsoning his family let alone actualy catching the animal in the irst place...Being a man is not what we are all conditioned to think it is..Being a man is being able to be self sufficient, to know thyself, to be able to provide(not by going to fucking loblaws) but by hunting and gathering... spending actual time with your children liek we used to in the past teaching them to hunt and tie snares and how to respects the animals we kill for our food.. these days a chicken shows up on my plate and i did'nt have to see its face when it was slaughtered, it was slaughtered by a machine becaus no one can stomach the actual work any more and we all have no respect for the animals we eat everyday....if everybody had to kill their own meet to eat everyone would be vegetarians. the human race has not evovled it has just become lazy and worst of all we canot call ourselves human anymore..the only spiritualy we have is going into a church and praying to some fucking guy who may ahve died a long time and was deified for some reason maybe as a system of controle heaven and hell being the two things ppl stive to attain and avoid..if people were allowed to steal there woulod not be any hunger we would not have supermarkets who for some reason charge us for our fucking food and water like they doing us a big favor when if we would apply ourselves we could get it ourselves... now i can'nt even go into the woods and start a fire caus i might get arrested.. with the cost of living and the price of dying looks to me like i wont be buying
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