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The End of all things; the world, life, even existance.

Ravenous Eyes and Greedy tongues are all I see,

An ominous bliss that leaches on the soul.

A crypt-filled land and a bloody sea,

With silver, spider silk to collect the toll.

Grim snickers behind dismal masks,

Like a joker jesting about a deathly row.

A row of the innocent wearing reflecting casts,

a noose of a vain where he'll reap what (someone else once) sow.

Pleasant drinking and Glory on the waisted lives.

How now, I hear the angel's bay darkly and piss.

Collateral damage of insulting fists and wordy knives,

As the universe buckles and succumbs to death's eternal kiss.

This, I say, is the end of the end,

And I fear what lies beyond the other bend.

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