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by Mimi
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This is about kids and parents

For something that is nonsense,but I completely understand is parents,and how we all think they ruin our lives.

First,I realize that all of us young and older teens think alike when it comes to our mom and dad parenting us."GOD!why must you always RUIN my life! Im just being s KID!!"yes they do our life,but it's possibly for the better.there just doing their job.

Second,did you ever think it could actually be YOU who is giving the hard time? OF COURSE NOT!

-TIP!maybe you should give your mom and/or dad a break,as in sit them down and talk about LIFE. o find it's easier talking to the female in your family.just my opinion.

To get back to why this is nonsense.

I think we all know why our parents tell us to not do something or to do it differently,and that's because they LOVE YOU!RIGHT?! And yet we still argue and become rebellious,because it's in our nature.

Next time we need to all remember that your family is just trying to make you a better person for the future,and it's COMPLETE NONSENSE to fight back...they always win.
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