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Manny Hardin moves in with Lisa at Christmas Time
Prompt: Magic of the Holidays

WC 2711

The Wall Mart Santa.

Manny Hardin ran an internship program for a company called “The Enterprise.” It was rumored among the Interns that this was a front for some sort of criminal activity but nobody could quite figure out what it was. Some speculated it was prostitution, others that it involved extortion and others that it was some sort of money laundering scheme. Nobody had any idea, except it must pay good money because the checks came on time.

Lisa McDonald was Chief of Domestic Services at The Enterprise High Rise. She was very upset. She dropped her daughter off at the Day Care Center and sat weeping in her car. Her boyfriend had been particularly obnoxious that morning and an argument ensued. It ended with a backhand to the cheek that knocked Lisa to the floor. Looking into the visor mirror she saw the mouse and what promised to be one heck of a black eye.

“Damn!” she thought,” Just what I need for the Holidays.”

Calming down, she realized that life with Carl was over. He had slapped her in front of Margret and that was the last straw. Whatever it took she was going to break out of this relationship and start over. Christmas was approaching and a carol played on the radio... "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause." One possibility stood out from all the rest. She was going to talk to Mr. Hardin.

Manny was an Italian in his late forties. He was a big brute of a man with broad shoulders and huge hands. He’d been a boxer once and still sparred several days a week. All the Interns were scared to death of him. There were plenty of rumors about what went on behind closed doors, but nothing ever confirmed. Suffice it to say the gossip was spoken in whispers.

One of the more unique aspects about the work place was that all the employees, except Manny and his driver, Bodo, were female. And if this wasn't enough, the women all wore bunny uniforms. To distinguish them from the staff, the Interns, wore a spiked collar. It was a leather strap with silver pointed studs and would have looked at home on a pit bull. However bizare this might have appeared to outsiders, it was business as usual for the employees who took the conditions for granted.

She suited up in the dressing room as soon as she got to work. A number of people noticed the shiner and there was a buzz of conversation as word spread from office to office. “Hey!” she overheard one of the girls say, “Seen Lisa’s black eye?" Looking in the mirror she could see there was no covering it up. Her cheek was red and swollen and her eye half shut…The sight of it gave her a queasy stomach. Girding her resolve, she walked into the main office. Ms. Tolliver, the secretary, gave a sympathetic look. As Lisa started to speak, June raised one hand to fend off any explanation; with the other she pushed the intercom button.

“Ms. McDonald is here to see you…”

Lisa was nervous.

June pointed towards the door. The young woman walked over and tapped on the glass.

“Come in.”

She opened the door, stepped inside.

Manny looked up and settled back in his chair. “What can I do for you, Sweetheart?”

Lisa hesitated, her bottom lip poked out.

“Please, sit down.”

She took a chair next to his desk, ears drooping.

“Quite a mouse you got there,” Manny noted.

She looked like a doe about to bolt.

“Why don’t you tell me why you're here.”

“I want to apply for the intern program.” She blurted, relieved to get it off her chest.

“And what makes you think you qualify,” he asked?

“I can do anything Mr. Hardin…. “

He rolled his eyes... “Anything?”

“I mean it sir… I can do anything… “

“Is that eye of yours related to this business decision?”

His question went to the heart of things and she became emotional.” I just can’t go on with my life, Mr. Hardin, the way things are…. “

“Why did your husband hit you?”

“He’s not my husband,” she said fighting back the tears.

“Why did your boyfriend hit you?”

“We had an argument. The bastard smacked me right in front of my daughter.”

“How calloused,” he said with a hint of sarcasm… “

“Please, don’t make fun of me, sir….”

“Listen Lisa…..Once you calm down... and say for the purpose of argument, you get accepted as an Intern... Let me assure you, a slap in the face is going to seem mild.”

“It wasn’t the slap… it was the idea that weasel hit me… I wanted to kill him, Mr. Hardin…”

“Strong words, Ms. McDonald." He paused. "What are you really angling for?”

She hesitated. “A new life, sir, where I have some say in how I get treated.”


“I’m a hard worker, honest I am…. plus I’m smart.”

“Oh, I can see that..."

"This is no joke," she pleaded, getting down on her knees. “I’m begging you… Give me a chance.”

“And if I do, what's in it for me ?”

Hope flashed in her eyes. “Anything you want.”

When Lisa returned to her apartment she was determined to break things off with Carl. She had her speech all rehearsed. At the door she met him, bags packed and on his way out. He was sporting a shiner just like hers. He looked furtively into the hall way and stormed past. “I’m out of here!” he declared, dragging his suitcases. “…And you can kiss my ass.” Outside she heard a door slam and then screeching tires.
That was unexpected, she thought to herself.

Lisa fixed dinner and straightened up the apartment. They were watching TV when there came a knock. She looked through the viewport and saw Mr. Hardin standing outside. She unlatched the security chain and opened the door. Manny stood on the threshold holding a gym bag.

“Mr. Hardin,” she said in disbelief. “ Please come in.”

Inside he dropped his bag, lifted his nose and sniffed… ”Making chili?”

“We just finished supper, care for a bowl?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” he replied.

As he sat eating and munching on soda crackers, Lisa asked…”What brings you out this way?”

“I need a place to stay for a while,” he replied.

She was surprised and didn’t know quite how to respond.

“We only have two bedrooms,” she pointed out.

“You can move in with your daughter…” He finished… “Hmmm that was good.” Standing he took his bag and walked back to her bedroom. Tossing it onto the mattress he said, “This will do fine…”

“Are you sure?”

“In the morning, Bobo will be by at seven to take me to the office .”


Gradually a routine began to develop. After work they would return to the apartment, have supper and Manny would read the paper.

They would watch TV until around eleven and retire for the evening. As Lisa would lay at night, unable to sleep, she couldn’t get over the arrangement and wondered where it was all leading. She would toss, turn and have fanciful dreams. They sometimes included a big man who looked a whole lot like Manny, however, nothing romantic ever came of it.

One evening Mr. Hardin brought home a box. After dinner he took it to his room and after a few minutes stepped out dressed like Santa Clause. He put on quite a show, hamming things up, like asking what they wanted for Christmas. His performance was a great hit. Later that night, still dressed in the costume, he excused himself.

“I have a night job,” he explained. It might be late.” With that he went downstairs. She looked out the window and saw Bodo holding the door open to an old battered Volkswagen. Lisa couldn’t help wondering what it was all about but was afraid to ask.

For the next week this became a nightly occurrence, until Christmas Eve. Finally Lisa’s curiosity got the upper hand and she asked Clara, the Super’s daughter, to babysit. When Manny departed in his Santa Suit, she skipped down the stairs and ran out to her car. Down the road she saw the nondescript Volkswagen speeding off. The Bug proceeded over to the Wall Mart parking lot where Mr. Hardin got out.. He walked over to the Salvation Army Kettle, and said a few words. The attendant nodded expectantly, handed Mr. Hardin the bell and walked away. Manny began ringing and saying, “Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas.”

She watched a few minutes before realizing what was happening. Then the light came on.

Why Mr. Hardin isn’t such a bad sort… It’s all an act. Beneath all the bluster and bravado, he has a heart of pure gold… In amazement she returned home, caught up in the wonderful spirit of Christmas.

That evening when Manny returned, Lisa had some questions. She handed him a scotch and water and gave him a wink and a big smile.

“Busy night” she inquired?

“I suppose you could say that….I hope you left me some hot water…”

“Waiting and ready,” she replied.

She heard the shower running and bathroom sounds as he cleaned up. He came out wearing a white chenille bathrobe and walked into the bedroom. Sitting on the bed he began reading the newspaper. Lisa had changed into her plain dark night gown. It was comfortable and not particularly alluring. She was however, wearing her favorite perfume. Standing in the doorway she asked.

“How long are we going to be living together like this Mr. Hardin?”

“...‘'Til at least after the new year.”

“I appreciate you paying the rent, the utilities, and buying the groceries but I think that covering Margret’s day care is overdoing it.”

“Glad to help out…. If you think I’m imposing with the Day Care, I’ll stop, but I really enjoy picking up the tab and letting you enjoy some time in your domestic role. After all you are a good cook."

She beamed, walked into the room and stood close to the bed.

“I can do more than that,” she offered with a slight hint of suggestion.

Manny ignored her and kept reading.

“What do you want from me Mr. Hardin,” she asked?

“For you to be a good little girl,” he replied...

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Whatever you want it to,” he answered evasively.

“I followed you to Wall Mart tonight… I watched you ringing that dumb bell.”

“So I’m told.”

Lisa wondered how he knew. She’d been very secretive.

“Where is all this going Mr. Hardin…, You, me, the apartment, you in my bedroom, me in the other room?”

“Wherever you want it to.”

She sighed, stepped closer and sat on the edge of the mattress.

“Do you think I’m attractive?”

“Why don’t we read the newspaper together.”

She climbed onto the bed and nestled close. He put his arm around her shoulder. He smelled manly, like Old Spice Deoderant and she felt a warm glow. Looking up she noticed him staring at her breasts. While there wasn't much skin showing, his eyes had an intensity she hadn’t seen before.

Lisa began stroking the cotton twill over his thigh. Beneath the robe she noticed a stirring.

He laid the paper on the night stand.

She took his hand and without ceremony put it into her bodice. His fingers closed about her breast. She reached through the seam and took hold. It was long and wholesome. She squeezed, wondering how it was going to feel inside.

He turned down the lamp and stood, taking off his bathrobe.

“I need you,” he said.

She stood, pulling off her gown. Standing in the light of the doorway, she made sure there was plenty of light for him to see.

Lisa was almost six foot tall and had full and inviting breasts. Her nipples perked up like two nubs of soft leather. Walking over, he took one into his mouth and began to suck… gently at first but gradually becoming more aggressive. He pushed her into the door and it banged into the wall.

She moaned, responding to his nurture, excited by the prospects of what lay in store. Her waist tapered down into shapely buttocks that were an easy handful. His fingers closed about them, gripping and pulling close. She felt the strength of his erection against her stomach. She imagined what it would feel like inside...

Their lips met and they kissed. He tasted like Listerine mouthwash. She opened to his insistent tongue. It searched about her teeth and palate. He explored the roof or her mouth as her own teased from beneath offering it shameless encouragement.

Anticipation began to build as they rocked back and forth letting the heat rise. His lips were sensuous and sent a thrill of anticipation. For several minutes they fondled and explored each other in a wonder of discovery.

“I need you right now, sweetheart,” he said at last.

Lisa pulled him down, reclining on the mattress and spread her legs. Manny settled on top, nudging her thighs apart. She reached up and took hold, working it into her vagina. The entry was tight but soon he began slipping in fits and starts down the channel of her sex. As it bottomed, she sighed with accomplishment. For a moment he lay still and she felt it throbbing to his heartbeat. It pulsed in and out as she squeezed her sphincter.

“You feel so good,” he groaned.

Taking her waist, he lifted up sliding his hands beneath her buttocks. Then he slowly withdrew until once more poised at the threshold. His eagerness, coated in her juices, stretched inside moving with a fluid ease. He slipped it back and forth and she squirmed moving with a delightful friction.

“Nice, very nice indeed,” he said.

“Hand-In-Glove,” she replied.
“Ready to tango?”

“Dance your heart out, Sir.”

Manny began stroking. Lisa gripped his shoulders arching her back as he came to length. As he pulled back she surrendered. With each repetition the beat became faster. As the speed increased so did their excitement.

There came a serenity of mind and body as they moved to the quickening beat. What had started as a physical fascination became more and more euphoric as their hips moved with languid grace to the drumbeat of love’s eternal song. Time slowed down, and the intercourse seemed almost surreal. What began as a rut became a waltz with the sublime, numbed by a terrible driving compulsion that cried out for satisfaction.

A dark spirit reared up from her soul and Lisa cried out

”Ohhhh, Do it, Mr. Hardin Do it, Do it!!”

An orgasm spread its pleasure and her backbone quivered in delight. Without pausing he relentlessly continued stroking. His eyes glazed with passion as he assailed thrusting in and out. He began grunting, exhorting her with a single minded and cruel insistence.

“Give it to me Lisa,” he demanded…”You know what I want.”

“Take it, Whatever you want,” she answered thrashing eagerly underneath. Kipping her shoulders she arched up writhing on the horn of his manhood. Another orgasm overwhelmed her body and she hunched, her abs heaving in spasms. At the same moment, he exploded inside. Her vagina stretched as he surged, filling her womb with hot spurts. They reveled in union and wallowed in a sea of intense pleasure.

As the ecstasy passed he collapsed onto his elbows… and laid thus, still coupled for long moments, caching his breath. As their passions subsided she felt him become soft and he pulled out.

That was nice, my dear, very nice”.

“You had me worried Santa…You have a big one.”

“You managed it nicely.”

“I pretended it was a Christmas Present.”

“You're a woman of many talents."

“I told you I can do anything.”

“So you did…”

“Tomorrow, I have a Christmas dinner planned….turkey and gravy, with hot yeast rolls, corn, green beans and mashed potatoes.”

“That sounds inviting.”

“…Tossed salad cranberry sauce and apple pie. I’m asking Bodo over and some of my friends.”

“What a sweetheart you are.”

“Did I make you happy Santa?"

"Very happy!"

"Was I a good little girl?”

"You certainly were."

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