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About a friend who never imagined his incident about eating dog biscuits would go online.
It is a cold winter night, a cold room somewhere at the north of Delhi. The clock reads 11 PM and the day is the 26th of November, 2010. Nothing seemed different. Nothing you can observe seemed out of place. It was pin drop silent. The eerieness was only broken by the fizzing of beers and the thuds the bottles made on the table while being lowered...

.....the low pitched voices that echoed the room was only complemented by the distant roars of cars on the roads and the cries.

"....if only it ween't for that fool I'd still be out there free..free from fear of being unmasked, free from fear of who I am..the rat exposed me..look at me now, a contractor hiding from another contractor, the hunter becoming the hunted..fuck!! if only that rat can be done away with.."

His life was now measure in heartbeats and each heartbeat was in turn measure in each footstep. He hadda be careful. He hadda make sure the head stayed free of a bullet. The cliché "a bullet separated life and death" he so mocked now haunted him. It was the whole world against him. He could feel their breathes..the mocking silent breathes..the sniggers...what has he gotten himself into..

"....fuck!! I'll contract myself. This soul's mine, the rat's godless soul.."

  He had to prove to the world he was innocent. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The fateful day the fall of 2008 was still fresh in his mind. He could feel the butterflies in his stomach. He twitched whenever he thought of the rat. His hands were gnarled with veins now, the creeping death..the unceremonious fall from grace. That made him guzzle more. If only God had not been dead. He now questions his fate...God was no longer alive in him. He had dethroned God from his life.

"...an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. So be it...if thats what it takes, it'll mean the world becoming blind to my ugly side."

..and now the love of his life knows about the secret. He could feel her hands caressing his neck. Just when things were about to settle down finally for a quieter life, life turned its back on him. He could remember the many hours of passions shared with his girl. He could hear her laughters. He could see her smile. And that made him angrier.

The grinding of his teeth silenced the faraway roars of the cars and the cries of the night. Rage and madness was all that was in him now. It filled the room.

Tracking down the rat down and eliminating him from the fucking race would be easy. After all he was a trained prowler, a silent abstract. He did not even disturb a breath of air, a molecule when he was on the prowl. He could hold his breathe for so long even the K9 units couldn't sniff him out and the FLIRs failed him. He slithered with such agility, it dwarfed the ninjas and the laws failed around him. But that was the easier part. The hardest part could be his biggest test ever. It called for everything he knew and everything he was capable of.

The hardest part was unlocking the mystery. Who is the rat?..the snitch. Who snitched about him? The person could as well be anyone, any guest at the event. It could as well be one of his former homies, now untrusty souls. Hell! it could be anyone of them. Now he couldn't turn to anyone. Not even his former partners from work..no not even his girl. His work did this to him. An assassin. Betrayed by trust. So much for trust..

"...fuck!! If only I had not eaten that dog biscuit the other night, it couldn't have been this way. God have mercy on the soul"
..............................well guys, that was how Seyie Solo saw it when his incident about eating dog biscuit went online by a certain yours truly.
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