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by GailS
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Here's my first newsletter for my photography business.
Welcome to the first Viewpoints Photo Newsletter!  Actually, this is kind of a prequel newsletter, specially designed to get something to you this season. 

This year I've been learning a lot about creating an online store.  It's been lots of fun designing the look of the store and putting my photos on various products.

As you may know, I started out in this photography business because a friend saw some of my photos from my travels and said, “You should sell these!”  (Thanks, Stephanie!)  So, I made a bunch of greeting cards and sold them at school.  Well, cards are still my number one seller, and what I really like making.  But now, I can create stamps, mugs, necklaces, bags  . . . I just noticed a few new things on the website that I didn’t know were available, so I guess I’d better get to work on making them!

Of course, now Christmas is here, and I have been adding to my Christmas Card collection.  Some of my friends give me snapshots they’ve taken over the year, and I create a 4 x 8” photo card for them, and some order cards from my store or other items for gifts.  You can order directly from my store, or you tell me what you want and I will do the order for you, whichever is easier. 

The other night I braved the cold for my first photo shoot of the Christmas Ship Parade here in Tacoma.  Brrr!  I learned a few things, such as where is and is not the best place to shoot from, but I got one picture I liked, and some ideas about what to do next time.

I'm also still doing pet and family photography, with a little work on senior pictures thrown in.  In July I had a chance to take photos for a 4-H dog club for their entry in the Pierce County Fair.  What a lot of good-looking dogs!   
Another fun experience has been joining the fledgling artist support group at my church, Peace Lutheran in Tacoma.  We're called Artisans of Peace, and our first event was to participate in our church bazaar in November. In our group are photographers, a potter, an expert seamstress, paper artists, jewelry maker, polymer artist, and flower presser.  We decided to sell our products at normal artsy prices, rather than the 25 cents usual at the bazaar, and donate a portion of our profits to the church.  We were not too sure how it would go, but it was a safe place for us to test out our plans.  Well, our group of about ten people made over $700!  We were thrilled, and we learned a lot, too.  We're hoping for a repeat performance soon.

Well, that’s all for now!  Please send any feedback and report any glitches that you find.  And be sure to have a Merry Christmas!

Gail Storrs                             
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