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How many Guardian Angels are there?

          You never know what a God will do.
          You just have to believe something one or the other.
          How can there be a rational explanation for Atlas?
          Everyone knows now the world is round and orbits the Sun.
          So how can Atlas hold up the world?
          Some extreme polytheist refuse to accept the world is round.
          "You just have to believe." they insist.
          "Is not the foundation of democracy founded in ancient Greek Polytheism?"
          they apologize.
          But, science demands factual evidence that a God is holding the world up.
          Let's assume that Atlas exists.
          Where are his hands physically gripping the world?
          "Nonsense, the true believer has faith that Atlas can lift the world without
          touching it." they assert.
          Moving objects can be done with force beams of
          sound and electricity.
          This has been demonstrated in lab experiments,
          telekinetic ability has not.
          The logical next question is, who is holding up the Sun and other Heavenly
          Well, this is where the need for many Gods is presented by the Polytheist.
          "No more absurd as believing one God could do all these things."
          a Sybil could say.
          However, it is reasonable to demand our criteria.
          We should not wait for private revelations.
          A reasonable person should not ignore the evidence of natural phenomenon.
          This world is in orbit around the Sun guided by gravity.
          Oh, yes the high priestess of Athena, Sappho argued:

            "To call an unknown force not an act of God is to make oneself a God."

          It is true gravity is difficult to define, but if an apple falls to the earth it
          must follow a definable path.
          Is this Atlas at work?

          I'll let you be the judge.

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