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The violent spectrum you think you so justly possess,
You always insist that your answers the only, the best.
So grandiose is your delusion, to you my worth is less,
And you think you’re up above looking down on the rest.

But your cruelty still shows in your eclectic range. Strange,
Just how well you hide your lies, and your dagger like claws.
The conviction you portray only proves too rigid to change.
And still in all your profanity, vanity, you resurrect my flaws.

Hollow and barren slurs, is all you ever thought I was worth.
But yet you insist of sticking around, only to beat me down.
Like you’re the king of earth, like you got the claim at birth.
Trap me in god forsaken towns; parade me in a fucking gown.

And the luminous green orbs of starlight that would shimmer,
Now in your presence they withered, and became censored.
Your presence made the lights fade, it became much dimmer.
And the absence of hope is something you absolutely adored.

Just as the light died, so did I, but my body just doesn’t know.
The rude disconnect from my own tired mind, body, and soul,
Is enough to unnerve me just enough to know I really must go.
Before I degrade and fade, until my heart becomes a black hole.

Without any good, all the black and grey joins to form a shower,
Adding more to my so bleak demise and the secrets of the night.
Until all that remains: submission or to take back my own power,
He lies and says what you want so you won’t fight or leave tonight.

And in an attempt to deceive him, to just take off and leave him,
Your gather what you need and just keep walking into the deep.
You ignore the rampage in your mind, and how it may look grim.
But it had to be done if, yourself you ever truly did hope to keep.

Away from your games, and all the things you did full of shame,
Step back, breathe, and finally have the choice to stop and look
Your free from his vile, you won, really left him in his own game
You were happy. You laughed, cried, cursed, and even shook.

He’s making up stories, pretending he changed from you leaving.
His words fall short now; they’re just dull void alphabet sounds.
Seeing you’re really gone causes him to panic and start heaving,
And for the first time my refusal, and disinterest, to you astounds.

Too long, and too much for you, it will always be too little, too late.
All the wasted days, haze, and useless words you’d say so I’d stay,
Are over. The weight was great, so was the hate. And late, but fate
And the good was to strong. So I did pray; not to be prey, and I got away.
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