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by Ajay
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Rebirth of souls
In the abstract world of the divinity,souls are planning their re-birthing into the physical world.In the formless body of the creator,individual pieces(Souls) of the creator meet with the other(pieces)  Souls  to plan out their new lives,the circumstances of their births,whatever they want to experience in this lifetime,and the  time,place and circumstances of their death.The body is a vehicle for the soul to experience physical life

Someone has said that if you surrender completely to the moments as they pass,you live more richly those moments.

The man can not live without enduring faith in something Godlike in him.

Often when a living one is in the process of dying, their subtle body can ‘see’ their own physical body as they left it

and are aware of those who loved them grieving,meanwhile they themselves may be experiencing freedom and light, as they leave their heavy bodies and pain behind.

The transition of the soul from the physical body to the subtle spirit dimension depends entirely upon the evolution of the individual. Basically, those on the lower levels will need time to adjust whilst ‘old’ souls returning from working on a spiritual level with mankind, will travel quickly to their rightful place with no need for adjustment. After all, they see this journey as a return to their proper home. However, where such a soul has suffered a prolonged illness they too will need to rest their essence/vibration.

Perhaps the most difficult death to accept for both the living and the dying is that of a young person, particularly where the young person has died a violent or unexpected death such as in an accident. Those grieving for their young loved ones find it almost impossible to come to terms with their loss and can go through an agony of emotions, guilt, anger, bitterness, blame of others, or themselves, and will almost certainly take much longer to recover than the one who has died.

Sadly, in the case of a young person who has died suddenly and/or violently,the subtle form can often be disorientated for some time, not knowing what has happened to them, or even that they are dead. However, there are always those close to them on a spiritual level to help and to guide them to their natural plane of existence in the hereafter. Often they are met by relatives and their own spiritual guides. Anger at their ‘lost’ or foreshortened lives are dealt with by those trained to help such cases. They can re-visit their earth families when it is felt that the time is right. In this way they can also help them.

Often those left grieving on the physical are aware of their loved ones. Many such incidents have been recorded.

Souls in subtle form, often leave their physical bodies behind minutes prior to actual death. The subtle soul leaves via the crown chakra. They can leave up to a day prior to death particularly when in great pain. However, in normal cases of death, the soul stays close to the dying body for some time in case of recovery following an operation etc. Where people have endured long illnesses, which will have depleted their energy level, it’s unlikely that they will have recovered their ‘essence’ sufficiently to attend their own funeral. Their spirit/vibration needs to recover lost energy and they will be taken to a place of rest for a short time.

In a ‘normal’ death there is a choice-if the soul wishes to attend its own funeral it can-if permission has been granted by a higher authority. This however, is unlikely to be granted to those who are on the lower levels of evolution. Most souls in subtle form will want to move away as soon as possible from the heavy vibration of Earth. As they have almost certainly been met by the souls in subtle forms of their loved ones already in spirit and will have the comfort of their own guide at hand, they will not want to linger on, but wish to hasten to the plane of their own spiritual evolution, to be with those nearest to them on a spiritual level.

The act of dying has often been likened to travelling in a long tunnel with light at the end towards which the subtle body is reaching out. It is at this time that they may be spoken to or be aware of the spirit/souls of those waiting to greet them. Many experiencing death experiences are likely to hear/sense musical vibrations. The further along the tunnel the subtle form travels towards the light of the other side, the more musical the sound. This has been well documented by many who have experienced being out-of-body and returned to tell what happened after death. In the latter case they may well have been told to return to

earth, as it is not their time to pass over.

The experience of passing from the Earth’s astral plane is usually one of great peace and joy.

Souls in subtle form have little interest in what happens to their earthly bodies once ‘dead’. After all, it was only a vehicle for their spirit/soul, which is now in its proper home. Indeed where there had been pain they will feel a great relief and freedom now free of the physical body. Although some souls may wish to linger near their families who grieve, they often stay within the family group until after the funeral. Some souls stay ‘tied’ to their families for too long, by the negative feelings of anger or unfulfilled desires.

The more evolved souls in subtle form recognize the vibration of loved ones and communicate by telepathy. The more advanced the soul, the more prepared for its physical death, the quicker and easier the transition. These evolved souls are very keen to return to their true home.
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