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by Who?
Rated: E · Script/Play · Romance/Love · #1833876
A girl moves to Arkansas thinking it will be horrible but she is mistaken
Scene One:

Elizabeth: (off stage nothing onstage but a house) I am moving, to Arkansas. (Family comes out of house, dog, little brother, mom, and dad) my mom keeps on saying that everything is going to be better but I still don't want to go.

Mother: Elizabeth! Come on now we have to go! Your sister is meeting us halfway at a hotel in Kansas and I don't want to be late!

Elizabeth: (Exits House dress in pajamas) Okay fine I'm here! What else would you like me to do? Shave my head maybe? Through away all my clothes? (to self) There's not much else you haven't taken away from me already.

Mom: Now Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: (Intterupting) Mom I told you don't call me that its Liz!

Mom: How many times have I told you not to interupt me!? (loading the car with suitcases and boxes)

Elizabeth: I don't know maybe a million times!?

Mom: Okay then why don't you listen? you do hear me when i talk right?

Elizabeth: Yeah I hear you but listening is choice.

Mom: (looks at dad) Will you do something about your daughter?

Dad: (Looking at phone just sitting there)

Mom: David!

Dad: (looking up from phone) Oh yeah (looks back down at phone) Elizabeth be nice to your mother.

Elizabeth: (snickers)

Mom: Get in the car before I put you there!

Elizabeth: Okay okay whatever just completely ruin my life!

Mom: (whispers to Elizabeth so little brother wont hear) That was completely uncalled for now get you butt int he car!

Elizabeth: (gets in car puts in earphones and leans seat back)

Mom: Everyone ready!? (everyone says yes except for Elizabeth) Elizabeth you ready? (still no answer) (loud) ELIZABETH!

Elizabeth: )Takes out one earphone) WHAT!?

Mom: Are. You. Ready?

Elizabeth: No

Mom: Good lets go!

Elizabeth: (groans as she puts her earphone back in and mom drive off)


Mom: (in car) Lets sing a song!

Elizabeth: (groans louder)

Mom: Whats wrong with a song?

Elizabeth: EVERYTHING!

Mom: Whatever fine you don't get to join the party car!

Elizabeth: (sarcastically) OOOOOOOO The party car sounds like so much fun!

Mom: (Taking her seriously) Yeah! And YOU don't get to join!

Elizabeth: (Sarcasticaly) Oh well (puts in earphones again)

Mom, Dad, Little Brother: The Wheels on the bus go round and round! Round and round! Round and round!
The wheels on the bus go round and round! All through the town!

Elizabeth: (fakes a gun with her hand and shoots herself)

Mom: Oh we are just trying to have a little fun!

Elizabeth: If your Idea of fun is tourturing me!

Mom: Stop being so negative!

Elizabeth: (to self) Why are you so annoying!?

Mom: Excuse me?

Elizabeth: Nothing

Mom: I thought so


Gregory (little brother): (playing game boy) Die you alien scum DIE!!!

Elizabeth: Gregory be quiet!

Gregory: (hushed) Oh you want to play it that way huh? (still playing gameboy pressing buttons rapidly)

Elizabeth: (rolls eyes) Dad since it is December 20th when are we getting a tree?

Dad: Oh we aren't

Elizabeth: WHAT!?

Dad: I said we aren't having a tree.


Dad: Because the condo that we are staying in for a while has carpet.

Elizabeth: So?

Dad: I don't want to have to deal with little prickly thingys all over the house!

Elizabeth: Okay so since you are to lazy to vaccum we don't get a Christmas tree?

Dad: Don't worry we can go to the drug store and pick up one of those from the Charlie Brown film.

Elizabeth: (to self) great we get to have a twig for a Christmas tree.

Gregory: (to Elizabeth) Mom said to stop being negitave!

Elizabeth: (to Gregory) SHUT UP!

Mom: Hey!

Elizabeth: Hey

Mom: Not hey, HEY! You need to start being nice to your brother!

Elizabeth: Okay mom that has been noted (rolls eyes)

Mom: Wow I didn't know a child could be so ungreatful!

Elizabeth: (mocking Mom) Wow I didn't know a child could be so ungreatful.

Mom: Alright young lady I have had enough! For the rest of the ride you are going to plesant! Do you hear

Elizabeth: Yes I hear you mom

Mom: okay then! PLESANT!

Elizabeth: (goes to sleep)

Mom: okay works for me


Mom: Were here!!

Elizabeth: (waking up startled) What?

Mom: were here! Oh and there's your sister now!

Grace: Oh my goodness! Who are ya'll?! you are so grown!

Elizabeth: (exitedly) Grace! I am so happy to see you! I finally have someone to talk to!

Mom: Elizabeth get your bags!

Grace: Lizzy you better go get your bags like mom said!

Elizabeth: (smiles and nods) okay!

Mom: Wow Grace are you some kind of miracle worker or something? This is the first time she has been nice to be around in weeks!

Grace: Oh not Lizzy! She couldn't hurt a fly!

Mom: Haha! (hushed to Grace) More like bite the heads off of chickens maybe (Grace looks confused as Mom walks off)

Grace: Come on Lizzy lets go see our room!

Elizabeth: Okay! Lets go!

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