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by brom21
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A wealthy business man fights to overcome his drug addiction.
Jared Mason woke to the sound of his alarm going off. He slowly sat up on his large canopy bed and hit the off button. He turned his head and looked through the window of his high rise executive suite. "Ah, my the fifth day of being vice chairman. This promotion is going to set me for life,"he said with a coy grin. Jared quickly got dressed and walked out his door towards the elevator. The doors slid open and Jared made eye contact with he bellhop as stepped in.

"Ground floor Mr. Mason?"

Outside a limo waited for him. He slid onto the soft leather seat and then the coachman drove off. Let' see how the market is right now," He turned on a flat screen T.V. mounted above him. "Everything is going nicely."

He looked at people zoom by through the window. His limo stopped at a red light.

Suddenly, among the myriads of people he saw him.

Memories of meeting with this man as frequently as every week went through his mind. He was one of the handful of people who helped to destroy his life. How could he be here? I thought I'd never see him him again. Jared thought. Then the sight of the man acted as a mental trigger and Jared started to remember how it felt. The ecstasy it made him experience. Then tempting urges arose in his mind. The street light turned green and the limo drove off breaking his line of sight. He looked at the T.V. screen trying to steer his mind away from the images of his life he had just month and a half ago. He had previously been clean for drugs for about the same amount of time but he always seemed to slip up.

He tried his best to overwhelm the urges welling up inside him. In the gull of his stomach he had painful anxiety twinges and he started to sweat. Further recollections of his past drug experiences came to mind. Then he heard a small voice tempting him. Come on. Just one snuff. What could that hurt? Its not like your're going to go overboard. the voice said.

His deep thinking was broken as the limo driver opened the door. He quickly got out with perspiration still clinging to his temples and forehead. "Mr. Mason you look flushed.Are you Okay?"

"Yes driver, I'm fine," Jared said straightening his tie.

"Well have a nice day."

He made his way into the building, up the elevator and into the executive hallway. "Hello Mr. Mason," said a lady in a suit.

"Thanks Cathy. Same to you!

"Hello Mr. Mason."

"Hello to you too Jim,"Mr. Mason answered the tall slim man with expensive office attire.

"Hello Mr. Mason," said another man walking buy him.

"Hey, Harvey!"

After a couple more greetings he entered the meeting room. Everybody was there except himself. He sat by the chairman and the meeting commenced.

"Well what's our first item on the agenda?" said the chairman.

"That would be our buy out of the Lecinger company. He's asking for twenty-million,"said Rick Stayford, a board member.

"He's desperate. I'm sure he'll sell for less," said the chairman.

Jared was silent the whole session. At the end he was approached by Rick."Hey Jared. Is something bothering you? You didn't say a word"

"Nothing at all. I just didn't sleep very well last night."

"Jared, we've been friends since graduate school. I know when you're lying."

Jared quickly walked away from Rick into the men's room and he followed him. Rick found Jared breaking down in tears shivering. "Rick. I'm slipping up just like I always do. I can't fight the urges." he said sniffling.

Rick embraced him in his arms and Jared cried on his shoulder."Have you gone to Jesus with it?"

"I've tried to. I pray all the time but God never does anything."

"Jared maybe that's' because..." their words were drowned out by the sound of the fire alarm.

People looked at each other wondering if it was a drill. Then something was heard on the intercom. "All employees please exit using the stairs." After forty-five minutes everyone was out of the building. When some time had passed all the employees were dismissed to go home. It was a drill. Rick and Jared had came out together but Jared suddenly disappeared.

"Please don't go to do what think you're going to do Jared" Rick thought to himself.

Jared was walking quickly on the side walk, peering around feverishly until he found him. It was the individual who had sold to him for the past six months, between periods of being clean. His name was Simon. He wore a black trench coat and his face was beaming with satisfaction. "Jared! How are you? So umm... what can I do for you?"

"What will five-hundred dollars get me?"

"Half a pound. Next time it will be more,"Simon said.

Jared pulled out the money and exchanged it for a zip lock bag full of white powder then quickly walked into an empty ally. He snorted it a few times and immediately felt a very pleasant high. He pocketed the remainder and walked toward his apartment. Then he heard Rick yell from behind him. "Jared! Wait up!" He quickly ran to Jared's side and could see the effects of the drug in his eyes. "Jared, no!" Rick looked toward the ground then took Jared by the arm and and took him to a corner. "I'm going to lay all the cards out on the table. You need Jesus. I think the only reason you can't feel an answer is because you just want something. But He wants your heart and your complete devotion. Are you ready to accept him.?"

"I think so."

Rick led his best friend in a prayer accepting Jesus into his life. Instantly he felt a difference. "You know , I really think I have
what it takes to beat this. For once in a long time I feel like a can have a chance,"Mr. Mason said.

"This is a good start towards freedom. Now you have to commit yourself to truly changing. Temptation may come against you from time to time and there might be some very strong ones. But with Gods' help you an overcome them. Call upon His name for help at these times. Who knows he might totally heal you of your addiction cravings some day," Rick says

"Will you help me?" Jared asked in a low, childlike tone.

"I certainly will. Now come on let's get something to eat,"Rick says with his arm around Jared.

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