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beauty, soul, stars, horses, soulmates, outside, nature, night, stolen,
The dark velvet sky was filled with bright little white dots which sparkled like diamonds. A wonderful scene. The lush green grass of the fields was illuminated by the light of the full blue moon. The horse’s white coat shone beautifully in the moonlight and the black horse was a truly amazing scene. The two horses were accompanied by their human companions Claudette and Nigel. Claudette was a woman with a truly stunning figure 5 foot 8, size 3 and a half shoe size, long and curly brunette hair with streaks of gold, eyes green as a pond overgrown with lush moss and her skin colour whiter then cows pure milk. Her partner Nigel wasn’t too far behind he was a man of a muscle filled complexion, his skin colour white and tanned to perfection, eyes bright blue the colour of a blue gem, his hair short at the back and his bangs fell upon his large forehead , his locks the colour of deep dark chocolate, very sensuous, and he was well endowed, you could see the package through the loose kahi pants he was wearing and Nigel didn’t have a shirt on so you can see the outlines of his newly formed abs as he was only 19 years of age. Claudette was wearing a simple white silk dress, with a v neck cut out which outlined her small plump breasts perfectly which have turned slightly pinkish. Her legs were shining beautifully in the moonlight they were very slender and well toned from horse riding. She had a necklace on which contained a ruby stone , a family heirloom and it extenuated her dark green eyes and in her ears two studs with ruby insertions. Nigel had a silver bracelet on which had a fang on it with a sapphire rock insertion. The sapphire reflected the moonlight perfectly. The rocks were an amazing scene. The two horses were making the air warm with their calm breaths and Claudette and Nigel laid on the grass embracing each other for warmth. Behind them stood a cherry tree magnificently and it was blossoming the petals fell and danced in the moonlight. Nigel picked up a few petals and put them onto Claudette’s pretty breasts. He slowly lowered her dress up and worked away on her pink coloured nipples it was a truly amazing experience for her. She massaged his neck which totally spurred him on to suck hard on her nipples. Her breasts became really hard and from a size B went to a C. She then went on to unzip his jeans but the big buckle belt was on the way but he helped her out and the buckle belt with a horse design fell down quickly. That let her put her hand on his warm package which was almost rock hard. She fondled it and then she approached it with her mouth, he stopped her but she really wanted to touch it with her tongue lick it, suck it, rub it. He then picked her up and brought her pussy to his mouth and her beautiful head to his almost hard dick. Soon she was in heaven when he inserted his tongue into her beautiful hole which has only been used twice so far, it was still quiet tight and smelled like cherries just like the rest of her. Claudette handled his cock with perfection she slowly licked the tip and swirled with her tongue in concentric circles, she rubbed his balls with her hands, she licked them and sucked them, she licked his privates up and down slowly. He kept working away on her pussy she was in pure Nirvana heaven, she had never experienced anything better in her life except when she was horse riding. She soon came, and her cum tasted like sweet honey mixed with cherries, probably because of the perfume which she had bravely put there. Soon he came, and she licked off every bit of his salty and vinegar tasting cum. She really loved salty things. Then she curled up like a cat beside him and they were observing the stars and talking.

Claudette was focusing on the first time they had ever met. It was a very funny story as she even couldn’t remember the first time she had talked to Nigel. She was a freshman in college giving out flyers for a new club open day. He came up to her and started to talk her, from his words she had told him that she was recently out of a long relationship. He never took her number though. So for the next two weeks Nigel had the challenge of finding the little brunette girl in college. He had remembered what she studied but had no clue as to what year she was in, because when he had met her he thought she was about 20 when in reality she was only 17. After 2 long weeks Nigel finally found Claudette walking down the corridor but she was in a rush and seemed very serious and he was afraid to talk to her, apparently it was the first time he got nervous trying to talk to a girl. Luckily the very same day she was sitting outside the college on the stairs inhaling a cherry flavoured cigar. Claudette loved cherries. He came up to her and tried to strike up the conversation by telling her how much he loved the idea of a movie club. She was very cunning so she asked him what he was studying in college. His response was Business Management that had disappointed Claudette but she just made a joke of it saying that he wouldn’t be able to find a job in a 100 years. Nigel thought that she was quiet arrogant and mean and was about to go but she had said if he wanted to go back up into the college with her because she had found a perfect spot there a few weeks back when another handsome man took her there. Nigel agreed and boy was he in for some time. On the 3rd floor in the roof entrance stood a table on which he had inserted his hard cock into her with her legs up lying on the edge of the table. It was a good time for both of them and the two of them relaxed on some cushions down in the café. They exchanged numbers but she never expected  him to call her the next day, Claudette was totally wrong she was in for a year of fun and extreme sex.

So they were looking up at the stars and Nigel with his smooth voice told her everything about them she really didn’t care about the stars as long as she was able to listen to that handsome voice and lay in his arms and just admire their beauty and his handsome features. His face was perfectly chiseled he had high check bones lips which were very defined but manly at the same time, he light brown hair the colour of dark honey fell down perfectly in a straight fashion and his eyes sp0arkled in the moonlight. Everything about him turned her on. When ever she was around him her panties were always soaked with honey flavored cum, he loved that. Anytime he wanted to be inside her, Nigel knew that she would be wet and begging for it. Claudette was kind of a girl who really enjoyed sex and preferred making the guy happier than herself but Nigel was always fair, He always provided her with his special routine. A 5 minute massage a 3 minute lick out followed by teasing her by rubbing his cock inside her very wet clit, then he massaged her neck and slowly taced the otline of her figure, then he fingered her a minute with each finger and then increased the number of fingers until she groaned in pain and he would immediately stop. After 30 minutes of incredible forplay and when Claudette had came 3 times it was her turn but only after a ten minute rest. All of the forepklay and cuming took all of the energy out of her, her heart was racing quicker than an Irish Derby winner horse. She had always enjoyed sucking his cock very hard until it all filled with blood, she liked teasing him by sucking a green lollipop during the day which totally gave him a hard one, and in public hence he started wearing over sized hoodies which she loved so much because on cold days he would give it to her or the two of them would throw the hoody over each other. They were a very sweet couple. Claudette loved playing with his balls which were quiet large. Nigel was 6 foot 4 and had 13 shoe size. He was a very lucky man to be endowed like that by God himself. Claudette sucked his cock so hard, he enjoyed it so much he came about twice and she made sure to lick every single drop of his cum and the 3rd time she had cum all over her plump firm breasts she enjoyed the warmth of it so much.  Then he would put her next to the tree and gently run his lean fingers through her hair and stroke her face gently starring into the green orbs which were the colour of emeralds. To him she was the prettiest thing in the world just like an innocent bird! She had a fiery temper so he liked to call her his little phoenix bird and to her he was a little lone wolf. Wise and strong and very cunning. He was witty and sarcastic at times and she loved that. Claudetter herself was smart, but quite ditsy at times and clumsy which totally added to her cuteness. Nigel loved seeing her pink panties any time she took a wrong step and fell down on the grass but anytime they would be on gravel he would catch her in his arms, swish away her hair and make out with her, in a tango dance pose. After she sucked him of good they would go at it in every position imaginable, from the simplest missionary, cowboy, reverse cowboy to the hardest of kamasatra positions. They loved being together and inside each other enjoyed the warmth, the vibrations and the familiar feeling of déjà vu. The love they shared was really something special.

They were in the Greenfield till the morning light the sun shone brightly on Claudettes hair which was laminated and shone red and gold in the sunlight the early morning sun. Nigel’s eyes shone brightly in the morning light and really looked like sapphires. The couple went to a tream to wash up. Claudettes face shone bright with droplets of water upon it and so did Nigel’s. They then went to the their horses only to find that Black Pearl, Claudette’s horse was gone. She burst out in tears and Nigel hugged her and told her to relax. |They saw that the gate to the field was broken into and saw signs of Black Pearl struggling and few strands of her lush black mane were lying in the field. They followed the hairs and found tire tracks on the road. Claudette was devastated. Nigel seatedher on his white horse White Knight and they galloped to his house. Nigel owned a yellow coloured house on top of the Trail Hop mountain. They got into his jeep after Nigel securely tied his horse to the post and fed him. Claudette was in an absolute state, Nigel tried to calm her down but it was hopeless. They followed the tire tracks but soon they were gone. They went to the police and reported Black Pearl missing but the Guards were not too keen to go straight away and find the horse missing. That horse was Claudette’s life she had bred the horse herself to a very strong standard in the DNA gene line. The horse meant everything to her probably more than Nigel mattered to her. They had a suspect in mind so they went to Claudette’s father Don. He was a forensic scientist he managed to track the hairs back to Black Pearl to confirm her missing and he found traces of finger prints and oil from the man who had stolen Black pearl. Claudette kept blaming herself, she kept saying only if she had heard. Don was able to trace the man in suspect back to a small village of France. So that day Claudette and Nigel departed on a plane to a little village called Champignon in France.

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